Thursday, March 21, 2013

Karin Lorenc

Pottery Mugs in Spring Colors - Set of Four Large Stoneware Coffee Mugs
"I can't stop making stuff. I make something almost everyday. I've dabbled in several media, but I've always had a special love for clay. It feels so good to create something from virtually nothing. A hunk of earth becomes a bowl or mug. Something beautiful but also useful. My process is relatively simple. Most of my work is made on a kick wheel. That's old fashioned foot powered goodness! Since I'm right handed I use my right foot to kick the wheel counter clockwise. Do I have one buff strong leg and one wimpy weak leg from this you might wonder? The answer is... not yet. My pottery is durable cone 5 stoneware meant to be used every day. This means I've fired it to about 2167 degrees F. HERE is my Facebook page. Become a fan for updates."
bio written by Karin via her etsy profile page

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