Friday, September 28, 2012

showdiva designs

showdiva designs STUNNING Distressed Red Leather Military Inspired Coat Asymmetrical Ruffles
"I have been designing clothes and purses since a child, I eat, breathe, sleep and drink designing and simply making my world and yours a more beautiful place. My passion for bags started when I was around 15 years old (1969) I went to a very artsy place in Saginaw Michigan. I walked into a tiny leather goods store that carried the most unusual handbags I had ever seen, the artist was sitting there with his hair down to his waist working away....the craft and artistry stole my heart. There was a bag that made my knees buckle, so much that it brought tears to my was 3,000.00. There was no way I could get it...but I could not get it out of my mind. When i got home from holiday I immediately ran to my closet and took my favorite and only black leather coat and tore it apart and figured out how to make the bag I wanted so bad...that was the beginning of my creating of the unusual. BUT most importantly when I make pieces for people I want them to have that same feeling of knees buckling when they open the box and see their bag/coat/boots I created for I did when I walked into that little store that altered my life. Always will get special prices on I dabble in everything from stained glass to painting, but my heart is fashion. I also love to recreate the old as well, nothing can be thrown away if you can see it in a different light and I always can. My goal is to make you happy and feel like 5 million dollars when you wear one, two or three of my pieces. One thing for sure you will constantly be stopped and asked "where did you get that" when you are donning one of my creations! I look forward to meeting and hopefully dressing you! x0x0x "
bio written by Susan via her etsy profile

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