Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cats Meow Art

Lantern, hurricane lamp, stained glass mosaic luminaria, candle holder-RAIN
"I am a photographer, artist, crafter, I cannot stop creating. Here is a little bit about me: My initial interest in art started with drawing and painting ever since childhood which I spent in culturally rich Poland. My first 2 years of college were spent at Vincennes University, Indiana, exploring techniques of drawing, painting and design. A serious interest in photography was sparked with two photography classes I took at VU. That interest was further developed at Herron School of Art in Indianapolis. Ever since college photography remains my mainstay- as a final art piece or as an inspiration for another medium. I cannot contain my desire to create to one type of craft. I love making everything, starting with soft quilted cotton purses as well as completely opposite- marble coasters in wood trays. Currently I am under the spell of glass making. I cannot break the spell of melting colored glass into many different beads and pendants. I plan on selecting many items to feature on ETSY- so stay tuned! I hope to find a good outlet for all my art and craft here-as many artists and craftsman have so far. Thank you! and hope you will visit again!"
bio written by Anna Miller via her etsy profile

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