Sunday, September 30, 2012

nic and the newfie

under the shade Tree Cropped Pants in Terracotta, Capris, Lounge Pants, Yoga Pants
"nicola is the girl and bren is her newfie mate! working together for 11 years now, starting with frames and moving into reclaimed wood, reclaimed words, silkscreening, burning, cutting, pasting, sawing, sewing and always pushing each other to make new beautiful things. nicola...from a lumbermill in connecticut to art school to craft shows to the streets of new york to etsy... bren...from newfoundland to writing to congress to labor law to sewing pennies to climate change to oysters to seaweed... nicola loves... her newfies (and labrador), her family, making things, her studio/house designed by her father, hiking, soccer, wood, yoga, thrift stores, and eating...lots of food. bren loves...cod, work, otter and mookie, collaboration, working on the water and making bookmarks!!!"
bio written by nicandthenewfie via the etsy profile

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