Monday, August 13, 2012

Vintage Chase

Handmade Large Brown Leather Bag with Vintage Embroidery Accents
"I'm a born and bred California girl, colleged on the East Coast, spent some time in Central America, lived on an Island in Washington and then circled back to California. I've been creating, sewing, designing for as long as I can remember, as my mother did before me, and her mother before her. Lucky for me my mother could look at anything and figure out how to make a pattern from that vision, luckier for me I seem to be able to do the same thing. I seem to be happiest designing, creating, and sharing that vision. I have been in the textile business for the past 15 years, creating, writing, copywriting and publishing contemporary quilt patterns. This exciting pursuit has taken me to trade and retail shows across the country and to England to teach and sell my patterns (Chase Adams Designs). During this time I started to notice that once a fabric was down to several yards on the bolt it was usually thrown out, ending in landfills. With this in mind I went back to my studio and began designing handbags from discarded decorator fabric and recycled leather, plus vintage kimono's and scarfs for the linings. Using the skills that I learned from a Master Level Leather class while in college, couture and quilt making techniques I was taught as a child, plus antique brass pieces and embroidery sourced from Europe, Vintage Chase was born! We are excited to be part of the eco-designer community that is striving to have our product represent as close to 100% recyled/upcycled as possible. Please take the time to visit my second store, where I am offering an eclectic mix of vintage items for your home, and our upcoming online store at Also please visit my oldest daughters She has a beautiful selection of vintage estate jewelry. Ahh, love it when things come full circle!"
bio written by VintageChase via the etsy profile

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Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

geez I really love this! It is so cute!
p.s. I invite you to join "The beauty series" on my blog starting on August 15th. Nine posts long, it will feature guest posts, many pictures, and a giveaway.
Have a great day!