Tuesday, August 21, 2012

south india bazaar

Dont Worry Be Hippy....Indian Printed Wrap Skirt
"Hi, my name is Kelly and I live in the beautiful jungle of Kerala, South India. We are in a small village just north of Trivandrum city. I have a great love for all things handmade from india, with their intricate embroidery, mirrorwork detailing and sparkling sequins. So when i started making them, i thought I should share all these wonderful things with the etsy community. This is a collective shop and consists of everything that is handmade by me and my husbnds family. Members of this collective store: Myself: I make all items of clothing in this shop. Nandini ( my mother in law): Makes all items that include embroidery or beadwork. Velikutti (husbands grandfather): Makes all items made from weaving straw. My husband is the postman From Tunics to Harem pants, from sparkling bags and purses to blankets or throws, hand carved stone items and not forgetting indian slippers!"
bio written by Kelly via the etsy profile

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