Thursday, August 23, 2012

what. no mints?

Autumn Apple Garland
" I live and work in a beautiful little south Florida neighborhood with my boyfriend Jim and our pet betta Rupert. I enjoy running, reading, food, chemistry and crafting geeky and cute goodies to share with you! My items are inspired by my infatuation with all things science and random places or things I encounter during my day-to-day. Each is entirely hand cut and sewn with love by yours truly. Why "What. No Mints?" My shop name has sort of been a joke for years and it all began when my family and I went out to dinner. When we were finished I promptly got up and immediately went searching the area around the hostess for the after-dinner mints. To my dismay, I discovered that there were none and exclaimed incredulously, "What! No mints!?" It was apparently amusing to have such a small child make this declaration and we still laugh about it to this day!"
bio written by Sasha via the etsy profile

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