Thursday, August 30, 2012


Herkimer Diamond Ring, Gold Fill Rivet - Custom Stone, Sizing
"As a jewelry designer I carefully work a happy collaboration of the styles I cherish. I design pieces in a contrast of both elements and structure: organic and vintage, airy and funky, modern and natural. Creating jewelry with a unique self-expression is a joy to me. About the artist:I just couldn't take it anymore, sitting at a desk, shoulders aching from a bottom-rung job I despised yet felt I needed to do. Surely helping the needy and their children is a noble cause. So why was I so exhausted, depressed, bitter and unproductive? I became the worst version of myself, snapping at my lovely husband, withdrawing from friends and family, complaining, spiteful toward God. I would read the "Quit Your Day Job" Etsy bulletins and cringe with guilt and envy, self doubt even. I began to wonder what I was doing with my life, questioning the choices I made everyday that made me such a different person than I used to be. I couldn't have survived the changes I needed to make without the love of Jesus, so patient and encouraging, strong and sweet. Nor Aaron, my husband, the love of my life and best friend. With new ideas budding all around me, I took the plunge from non-profit work to stay-at-home, entrepreneurial, creative work with nothing more than a business plan, some set-aside money, and a random collection of jewelry tools and bits of knowledge. lumafina was born, my own creative company, but not by my merit. Without the source of strength in God, I don't know how I'd do it, day in and out. Please, please tell me you are finding strength outside yourself, that you are not doing this alone. Surround yourself in the loving Spirit of Jesus, with friends who give you life, with professionals who challenge and inspire you, with your family who loves and needs you. I am very blessed to be working a handmade life. I am girl who sketches and dreams and hopes. A cherisher of books, gardening and danish modern furniture. And french food. Oh, french food. Thank you for supporting my dream of working a handmade life. Thank you for investing your time and resources in what creativity I have to share with others. Thank you for being a part of my life in this season, I am truly thankful for each encounter! Note: It is important to me to use reclaimed and recycled materials. Whenever possible I buy from ethically aware and local suppliers and use environmentally caring techniques in my studio. I think carefully about where gemstones and materials come from - sometimes not using them at all if I feel an abusive system will be supported by their presence in my designs. I like to not only support art but people too! About the name: lumafina(lu-ma-fee-na). Luminous and fine. Jewelry that is softly aglow with warmth, structure and a fine sense of color."
bio written by Hilary Ann via the etsy profile

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