Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the Yarn Kitchen

Purple felted bowl / Three little bowls in pink, purple and violet
"Welcome to the Yarn Kitchen, I absolutely love natural fibers, yarns and fabrics. 40 years mum, I come back to DIY projects after a number of years totally absorbed by my day work and family. A felt class open the door .... and I'm here to share with you my passion. You will find here "only with my hand" made stuff. I like crocheting, knitting and felting. I like to sew bags, natural and eco fabrics, bright colours with a hint of ethnicity and sure I like cooking, maybe one day or another I'll start to sell sweet treats ;-). My home studio is becoming more and more like a magpie's nest. I just can't resist buying beautiful yarn coming from autoctonal breeds, or fabrics from everywhere (I'm on the way to 0 km but sometimes....I just can't resist!) in the world. I make felted placemats, bowls and vases and a number of bags that I can't keep all for myself so I want to try on Etsy. Peek inside my shop just to say hallo and chat a little together, I'm here!! Oh and if you want to see what I do in my "real" work have a look here: www.head-hands.com, I'm a web designer."
bio written by Stella via her etsy profile

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Stella Melgrati said...

Thank you so much Jenny :-)

I'll follow your blog -)