Thursday, September 8, 2011

under the root

Nereides Nixie Blue Green Lace Camisole Top
"Under The Root is an independent, intimate apparel label designing and supporting a conscious culture with hand structured loungerie and boudoir accessories.
This tree was planted as a seedling by Jennifer M. Brown and all the talented beauties, networked underneath the soil, in the land of 2003. It continues to grow connecting the strange performance background of quick changes, sprinkled with a heaping dose of gathered materials, to the wonders of nature and their fables through time. When asked why underthings? "I am intensely drawn to design pieces which embellish even the most modest bodies. Playful, demure, and innocent winks of grandeur are a few of the themes which pull me in to the cutting table late at night. I want people to whirl around in their days and nights, storytelling their own fables or becoming their own stories." The human body is magikal, the pieces are each meticulously handmade, and therefore unique, as you, throughout every seam.
We choose to believe that each cut is made from the hands and minds of the delightfully eccentric and succinct elves, goblins, sprites and other unorthodox adjuncts of the landscape observer... hopefully, we are not the only ones who believe. Their inspirations include and certainly not limited to circus arts, vaudeville, parisian cancan, modern dance, burlesque, harmony, chaos, vintage, stage, theatre, cabaret, and sauntering swoons. Some say their sparkles have been here before the beginning of time."
bio written by UnderTheRoot via the etsy profile


Sidereal Day said...

Under the root is fabulous! I would love some bloomers. =)

Under The Root said...

Jenny, I just stumbled this post, thank you so much. This journal of yours is so clearly romantic, thank you.