Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the honeycomb

vintage inspired cream wedding headpiece - ANTOINETTE - pink flowers, velvet, rhinestones
"My name is Blanche, and I design, create, and model the pieces in The Honeycomb shop.
My designs are inspired by the woodlands, vintage styles, and high fashion. Every piece is crafted with patience and love, with exquisite attention to detail, and many existing designs can be custom made to reflect your individual style or theme.
About me - I have a B.F.A. degree in graphic design. My dual life-passions are Etsy and amazing graphic design (web + print). I'm so in love with my job that I can't imagine working a corporate, suit-and-skirt job EVER AGAIN! I am obsessed with hearing success stories of women in business, and their creative work spaces. I look for patterns, textures, and nonsensical rhythm in everyday things.
I have a 16-year-old Bichon Frise pup, Chou-Chou, who keeps me company as I work. My favorite movies are BBC classics and Masterpiece Theater. Music is as important to me as breathing. Sometimes my excitement over a great new design idea will make my internet connection drop."
bio written by Blanche via her etsy profile

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