Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bunny with a toolbelt

Bride and Groom Foxes for your Wedding Cake
"Hello Beautiful Person! My name is Hilary.
I started making my living from my artwork in 1989. Somewhere along the way, I adopted the name Bunny with a Toolbelt, which encapsulated the way I love to learn and work in many different art media. I also liked the name because (much to my mother's chagrin,) I was quite fond of appearing in public in a bunny suit right around that time. I don't do that too often these days, but I still think it's a great business name.
In addition to Etsy, I sell this work at The Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Oregon College of Art and Craft, The San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, the Wood Turning Center, and Crafty Wonderland's biannual bazaar in my hometown Portland, Oregon. The work I show on my Etsy site has been featured in the Style section of the Sunday New York Times, Brides Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, Eco-Beautiful Weddings, Wedding Bee, Broke Ass Bride, and ReadyMade Magazine, among others.
I keep a blog of this business which shows images from my workbench, things that inspire me, and what's new. You can read it at www.bunnywithatoolbelt.blogspot.com
When I'm not working on this business, I spend most of my free time making other artwork. I have created large scale installations for the Fuller Craft Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Indianapolis Art Center and others. My work is represented by Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco. You can see plenty of images of this work on my other website hilarypfeifer.com
The spare time that's left is spent volunteering for Art on Alberta, a nonprofit organization in my neighborhood, or hanging out with my sweetheart and our most awesome dog Weegee."
bio written by Hilary via her etsy profile

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