Saturday, February 12, 2011

sarah and bendrix

Personalised Love Hearts Framed Picture
"Each of our pictures is made with love, care and attention and they would make a wonderful presents for your loved ones or great additions to your home. They are sentimental, modern, vintage, simple and beautiful. Some of them can be personalised, some are limited editions, some one of pieces, made just for you.
And why sarah & bendrix ?
Maurice Bendrix's love affair with his friend's wife, Sarah, had begun in London during the Blitz. One day without warning, Sarah, had broken off the relationship. Two years later, driven by obsessive jealousy and grief, Bendrix sends private detective to follow Sarah...
This was an affair which scandalized British high society and inspired a best selling novel and two films. And one of my favourite books and film.
(The End of Affair by Graham Green)"
bio written by sarah & bedrix via their "not on the high street" profile