Tuesday, February 1, 2011


all during february, i will try to post something valentine themed....

valentine-sweet on you-assortment-5 flower bouquet-surprise assortment
"I am a slightly artsy, slightly craftsy designer, wife, momma. I have been doing freelance graphic design since 2004 and just recently I've started to produce more handmade work. I love making things look like they should look; like they deserve to look. I love combining the best of the computer with the best of handmade/natural elements in my design. I fancy myself as a creative problem solver, whether it comes to communicating visually through graphic design what the client is saying through words, fixing my sons toys that break or making toys from scratch, coming up with new and exciting business ideas for myself or others, cooking a meal slightly healthier than the recipe calls for while still maintaining and increasing the wow factor of the flavor, seeing an object and figuring out how to make it myself with out a pattern or instructions all the while trying to improve on the original.
I've always loved making paper collages since I found out about them in kindergarten. For the last seven years I've been falling more and more in love with handmade papers from India, Thailand, Japan and Italy. I use these papers in many of th pieces that I produce.
In my products you can expect very unique pieces, excellent craft through to the last details, and a timely positive experience.
Everything in my etsy shop is hand-printed, hand-cut, hand-carved, hand packaged, truly handmade by me (kelly) at box64studios. I make because it is something that the Lord gave me to enjoy and to be good at the work of my hands. I use it to bring him glory while making a little extra for our family as I stay at home with our two boys (3 and 1). I'm so thankful to have an etsy shop. I love what I do."
bio written by Kelly via her etsy profile

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