Thursday, February 3, 2011


Loveswept....pocket mirror (3inch)
"Welcome to Tim's Sally. My name is Mindy and I've been creating art full-time for about 2 years and am thankful every day for the lovely people who visit my shop and support my art. I couldn't do it without you lovely souls.
Painting for me, is a nostalgic descent back to my childhood - a time when dolls were a huge part of my life. Today is not altogether different. I think of my paintings as play sets where I dress my dolls up and create their own environment. Sometimes this “land” is a sweet setting of animals, nature, and innate innocence while others are captivated by a mysterious engulfing darkness. I can relate. Memories of playtime and my special collection of “neat stuff” that I kept in a wooden trunk made specially for me by my uncle were treasures to me. Baby doll heads, vintage dolls, sweet scents of everything yummy are areas of great inspiration. Artists such as Mark Ryden, Joe Sorren, and Casey O’Connell also capture my heart with a sweet tenderness encompassing subtle moments of time we all would like to revisit; a dream state so unique one could only wish to take part."
bio written by Mindy via her etsy profile

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