Tuesday, May 25, 2010

shanna trumbly

"The Unforgettable Kiss"
"Third generation Oregonian Shanna Trumbly began her life as an artist at a very young age. She was born into a family of very creative individuals who always encouraged her passion for art.
At the age of seventeen she began her studies at the Art Institute of Seattle where she studied the many aspects of graphic design, anatomy, illustration, and life drawing. Upon graduation at the age of nineteen she moved to Portland, Oregon where she soon became a member of the Portland Saturday Market and began her career as an artist. Over the years she employed many different mediums and styles for her artwork such as clay sculpture, glass torch work, mosaics, leather sculpture, and more recently a clothing line.
Until October of 2007 Shanna's choice medium for her illustrations was colored pencil. Upon completion of her first painting, "the Unforgettable Kiss" she realized her new found love for acrylic paint on canvas.
The series "Daydream" explores the playfulness of wakeful dreaming and honoring the creative muses within. Her works can be found online, at a variety of shows on the west coast and at the Eugene Saturday Market which is open from May through December.
Artist statement
This series explores the playfulness of wakeful dreaming and honoring the creative muses within.
Each painting is meant to tell an open ended story, one which evokes curiosity while also inducing a sense of calm. I believe that when we daydream we are inviting and allowing possibility. We daydream our past and our futures but in the heart of the daydream we are open to pure creativity.
Thus far, Daydream is a 18 piece series in which acrylic paint is applied to stretched canvas. The abstract background in each piece consists of a variety of textures, stamping and a blend of bold yet earthy tones. The stamped images are produced from a variety of carved vegetables. Conversely, the focal point of each piece is very detailed and lifelike. Characters in this series are given human qualities which often generates a connection with the viewer.
I believe that creativity is contagious and when we share our ideas and dreams we awaken each others muses. When I share my paintings my hope is to ignite the imagination of the viewer and inspire the daydream."
bio written by shanna trumbly via her etsy profile.


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