Monday, May 24, 2010

desira pesta

".:.Desira Pesta Design/Build/Wear.:. is a women and men's clothier that specializes in dresses, blouses, skirts, vests, outerwear, bags, and pillows that showcase the artist's drawings and artwork.
Desira Pesta Design/Build/Wear started as a silkscreening venture making painterly prints on tshirts after Desira received training in serigraphy from a tiny artisan school in Italy. Since 2004, it has grown to much more. Now, couture garments are created in this tiny studio, which are made to order with perfect tailoring. The term Design/Build is usually applied to architecture whereby the architect not only drafts the plans, but also goes about partaking in the actual building of their work, all "in house". This practice and concept is relatively reborn in this day and age, as architects only commandeer the design and planning and the construction is done by lesser paid individuals. Design/Build/Wear is something of the same vein, but applied to fashion. In fashion design, the designer also usually only plans the garment, and a seamstress thereafter constructs it somewhere overseas. Less outsourcing equals the ability to "stay local", "guarantee quality", and make less of an impact on fuel consumption and helps eradicate the need for cheap overseas labor.
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All wearable art has been handmade and/or silkscreened with completely original patterns and designs with a strong belief in preserving the beauty and quality of vintage materials, while simultaneously thwarting new production of fabrics and materials. Desira Pesta uses top quality designer overstock fabrics sourced from the best makers and natural fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton, silks, satins, and beautiful cottons.
She also uses materials acquired from estate sales and antique shops.
Each piece has been professionally-constructed using industrial machines and perfect sewing, ensuring longlastingness and beautiful craftswomanship. A firm believer in egalitarianism, Desira opts to charge nothing more than a fair price for a handmade, unparalled, quality wearable good.
Desira Pesta specializes in couture, so if you see something you like, past or present, she can most likely make it in your size, unless materials are limited or scarce.
Going back to the days of artisans and craftspeople, this collective handmakes each item sold with longlastingness and true quality in mind. We as human beings need to reclaim craftpeopleship and artisan work and rekindle the true connection between ourselves and our possessions and environments. The world of handmade thwarts evils. Truly. We are stealing back the people to avoid sweatshop labor and the theft of creativity and the loss of true quality. We the people of Etsy and handmade are making a difference in how things are made, how business is run. You can see a real person in my work and the work of my peers. I have made many a friend through selling my wares. What better "world" to be in than that? What better business? This is happiness. Let's keep it up.
Socially, it's effects lie in clothing manufacturing that abstains from using sweatshop or factory labor, as almost all of clothing manufactured worldwide is. Employees are paid a fair and living wage and working conditions border on accommodations."
Bio written by Desira pesta via her etsy profile.

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