Saturday, May 30, 2009

Broken Hipster

I just finished reading Broken Hipster's first zine. She describes the zine like this: "Emiko started this zine series in Jan. 2004, after being diagnosed with kidney disease. Witty, sad, and hopefully told in both narration and illustrations, this is the story of the presentation of Emiko's disease, her first and ongoing experiences with dialysis and struggles with acceptance of chronic illness." I was really touched by Emiko's story. Her trials with her kidney disesase and dialysis really hit home with me. I have type 2 diabetes, I have since I was 10, and it's currently not in the best of states. Plus, my blood pressure is way too high. Both factors which really affect your kidneys. I am now on a low dose of blood pressure meds & my doctor recommended that I do 30 minutes on the treadmill each day, instead of the 20 I was doing. He also recommended that I cut out some people in my life that are causing me so much stress, for the time being, until things are more under control. There's no point in me having a heart attack because of other people! I have also changed my diet to absolutely NO sugar. This is the most challanging one of all. I love candy and sweets and have been eating way too much of them. I should know better! I will have to get regular blood tests to check my kidneys and blood sugar averages. I hate getting blood tests done. I'd rather be getting a full body tattoo than have that needle in my vein. (I've had bad experiences with blood taking...) I'd appreciate you keeping me in your prayers as I try to get my health under control.

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