Thursday, May 24, 2012

sunset turnings

Wooden Wine Bottle Stopper
"Hi! My name is Steve. I am a retired U.S. Air Force Band musician. My wife and I collaborate on running our shop. She has a marketing and design background, so she maintains the shop site and handles the marketing and creation of paper goods items, and I hand make all the other items. I love wood and I love working with this nature-made material. It all started when I purchased a few woodworking tools and then my first lathe. I decided to try making pens and then bowls just for fun. I made my very first pen and I knew I had a new hobby. I was hooked. I kept making more and each one was shown to my wife with enthusiasm and excitement. I began by selling them to friends and co-workers. My pieces were well received by recipients, so now I am on Etsy with my own shop. Each pen is handcrafted from a block of wood into a beautiful turned pen. Nothing in my shop is mass produced. Each item is a genuine one-of-a-kind piece. My passion for beautiful woods and woodturning is displayed in every piece that I make. On walks in the wood near our home, I often find wonderful examples of wood on the forest floor. I bring them home and give them a second chance to be seen and appreciated. In letting myself become lost in the process of creating is where I truly find myself. Powerful works of art can invade our being and change our perceptions forever. This is what woodworking has done for me."
bio written by Steve via his etsy profile

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