Thursday, December 29, 2011

studio logica

i too saw the reflection of the summer sky in the water
"Born in 1980 and raised in a world of latchkeys, comic books, and urban exploration, Sacramento-based artist Jeff Felker weaves those early inspirations into the visual narratives he creates today. Exploring themes reformulated from life and his formal background in literature, he creates narrative paintings that blend reality and dreamscape--the human figures within are located in conflicted worlds of emotional isolation. Using oil to juxtapose bright and muted color schemes, Jeff executes his paintings on canvas and board.
Jeff has been interested in writing and literature from a young age, which shows in the narrative qualities of his paintings, as well as his scholarly pursuits. He received an MA in English Literature from California State University, Sacramento in 2009, and currently teaches English at American River College. The themes he encounters in literature continue to permeate throughout his simultaneous pursuit and love of painting."
Bio written by Jeff Felker via his etsy profile.

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