Sunday, December 18, 2011

Flying Woman Studio

Texas Longhorn Christmas Stocking, Burnt Orange and White with a "Jester-style" Cuff and Ink-Dyed Bells
"I am a self-taught sewist, quilter, embroiderer, painter, crafter, mixed media artist, and artistic explorer. I love to experiment with materials I have on hand to create new uses for them.
I have never passed by a new fabric store or art supply store without stopping. My car and my feet naturally turn toward thrift stores, antique stores, garage and estate sales, junque shoppes, etc., and naturally I just go along.
My best friends save things for me to use in my projects like tea bags, wrapping paper, maps, bottle caps, and even rusty stuff (for rust-dyed fabric).
My husband is not surprised that I take my camera to the farmers' market and that I end up bringing home more photographs of vegetables and fruits than the actual vegetables and fruits.
My studio is taking over my living space, and that seems to be working out really well for me; and it is really, REALLY well-organized -- so much so that I often can't find a thing.
Oh, and I just started roller skating again after more than 20 years off the wheels."
bio written by Katie Winter via her etsy profile.

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