Sunday, May 15, 2011

modern fiber lab

Natural dark color wool felt wall sculpture with walnut wood
"I see fiber as a basic common thread throughout the organic world.
I am an artist with a total obsession with fiber. I have a degree in sculpture and printmaking and I have been working with fiber as a new medium for the past seven years for installation work, utilitarian objects and design.
I dye, spin, felt, weave and knit different fibers that I acquire from all over the world. I work closely with shepherds and small farms to obtain my different fibers. I use a large range of available wools, mohair and other fibers from different animals including angora goat, Cotswold, Blueface Leicester, Border Leicester, Merino, Lincoln Longwool, and other exotic fibers when they are available. It is important to me that my fiber come from animals that are loved and well cared for. I also use silk waste that would otherwise be thrown away. My mission and goal is to use sustainable supplies and to nurture and support other small businesses.
I work with my handspun fibers and I minimally process them. I enjoy creating the handmade yarn for other artists to use as well.
I have discovered a wonderful community of people and artists along the way that believe in the idea of living simply and responsibly in harmony with the natural world. I hope my objects are a reflection of that and that they will bring happiness and comfort to those who enjoy them as only fiber can."
bio written by modernfiverlab via the etsy profile

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Jemima said...

Oh i love that felt ball piece. gorgeous..