Friday, May 6, 2011


Soft Handmade Leather Lace up Ballet Moccasins Made to Order in 6 Different Color Choices
"We are a husband and wife team who are crazy about creating with our hands and exploring hand craft traditions of old. I (Barb) work with leather. All our creations are handmade with love and care. All of my leather pieces and footwear are created 90% by hand without the use of machines...I only employ a sewing machine for basic assembly as I value the quality of hand focused finishing. Isaac (the husband) works with wood, stone and metal. Attempting to create almost entirely by hand has given us both deep respect for artisans of the past, and has led us to explore further the history of craft on a whole. A lot of our inspiration is taken from peoples who live closely to the earth, who respect its processes and are intimately tied to its cycles. We both enjoy the process of creating each item from start to finish with love and care. We try to use all natural materials, with the exception of recycled antique buttons or trinkets which we salvage and rework.
Spiro, is a Latin word (pronounced 'spearo')and means: to live, to breathe or to be inspired. We felt this idea summed up our creative process, as creativity brings life and is as important to our well being as breathing. We feel that through the process of creating we are connected to something greater than ourselves and find that this process also reconnects us to the earth, its inhabitants, its past, present and future.
We hope that our creations can inspire you to reconnect to your own unique creativity. You are an inspiration and have much to give to the world around you! Thank you for taking time for our passion!"
bio written by spirocreations via their etsy profile.

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