Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three dolls for sale

I need to sell a few dolls in order to get another...

1) Custom Hujoo
Custom face up by Sunpop, normal skin, pale green eyes from mimiwoo, custom Mohair wig (pale green with white highlights) by Anji's Wig Designs, nude
Asking $85US + $10 shipping

2) Vanilla Wafer Momoko
She is in perfect condition, no stains or marks, nude.
$45US + $10 shipping

3) Trent, Lead Taeyang
He is in excellent shape, new metallic green cool-cat eyechips, a loose screw, an ankle was broken when I got him, but has been fixed properly, stock wig, pink shirt, jacket, boots, and belt. These photos show him with another wig, but his stock wig will come with him. This black & green Monique Jpop Rocker wig is also available.
Asking $60US + $10 shipping.

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