Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yart Results, Garden

I'm happy to report that I had 18 sales during etsy's yart sale!! 4 of them were non-yart. Yay for me! How did everyone else do???
it's a gorgeous day out there, today. I think I will do some gardening and see how my little seeds are growing.
Check out these wonderful garden items found on etsy:

1. LBs Garden Tote
2. Yard Clippers, Large, Painted for Ladies
3. Custom Garden-Set of Two-Herb Markers
4. Bluebird House Copper and White


twolefthands said...

Congratulations on your Yart Sales! Good job! I had seven sales, all Yart since my whole shop was 10% off!

BeeGracious said...

Thanks Jenny for including our birdhouse ~ I love time spent in the garden ~ the birds sing happy songs of praise & thanksgiving.
Your blog is a happy place, I will visit often. Congratulations on your success!