Saturday, June 20, 2009

Undiscovered Treasures

It's hard, when you are first starting on Etsy, to stand out from all the other artist and make your first sale. Here are some items froms sellers who are still waiting for their first sale.

1. Into the Lavender Winter by ArtworkzByCheri
2. Pushing Boundaries by EllenMarie82
3. See n Sew Girls Sewing Pattern by craftypatterns
4. Root Beer Textured Lampwork Bead Bracelet by orchidcactusglass
5. Turquoise Trading Post necklace by OwedToNature
6. Baby Cozy - rabbit by sydnielayne
7. Girls Fiesta Skirt by lilelephants
8. Onions, carrots, and spuds. Oh my. by momfetti
9. Mountain Meadow - Soft Pastel Miniature by DavidPatterson
10. Coral Reef Wraparound Bracelet by BabushkaJewellery
11. Baby Bumble Bee Hat by stitchesbyjulie
12. Spring's First Leaf - Soft and Romantic Mineral Eyeshadow by pinquechocolatbeauty


Snowbrush said...

I looked at number one. It was $10. Wow. I also looked at number nine. It was $35.

I used to sell my writing. It was prices like these that made me stop. When you can make more money working for minimum wage, what's the point? Maybe you can tell me.

Flor Larios Art said...

I am going to check these items...
I know how hard it is...but the secret is to never stop...just keep listing new things.