Thursday, May 16, 2013


fox art, fox watercolor, Watercolor painting- reproduction- "Foxes and Ferns" print of watercolor painting
"I'm Amber, the woman behind the catchy, hip shop name, "amberalexander";) I live in Vermont in a very beautiful, but moody climate. Half of the year is pastoral and like a dream. The other half can be trying. The season changes are charming and interesting, but winter could stand to let up a little earlier than she does. I have always been an artist, and as a child, drew page after page of girls with different outfits on, and animals in clothes (inspired by Beatrix Potter of course). Later, I attended a liberal arts school with a major in Art and minor in Art History. Watercolors are my medium of choice. I love the way the flow of ideas from my head and heart flowed directly onto the paper. I recently had a children's book published with my illustrations. It was published by a Vermont Publisher, Radiant Hen, The book is entitled "Ninny Nu's Organic Farm" and all of the characters are animals. It tells a story about how bigger is not always necessarily better. :) When I am not painting, packing orders or curating treasuries on Etsy (the closest I'll ever get to being a museum curator), I am entertaining and playing with my two nutty poodles, Olin and Izzy, and my sometimes nutty husband, John :) I like crossfit, running, gardening, art, food, wine, and funny people:) I hope you enjoy my work. I try to convey my love of animals and maybe inspire others to love them as I do :) I recently opened another shop for my landscapes/nature paintings. You can visit it here:"
bio written by Amber via her etsy profile.

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