Tuesday, November 10, 2009

54 days of Christmas

Day 45: Even thought I didn't have any extra money, I bought an adorable ornament (the one on the far right)to go along with mom's Christmas present; received some fabric squares in the mail, via a swap, for my christmas ocean themed quilt for a friend.
I wish I could hang all of these ornaments on my tree:

1. Whimsical Felt House Ornament by: LookHappy
2. Whimsical Santa with Wand by: CosaBello
3. Gold Metal Dragonfly Ornament by: merritthyde
4. BigSky Christmas Tree Ornament, Suncatcher or Pendant 12 by: BigSky


Rachel said...

Those are adorable!

I started blogging again (http://sky-full-of-these.blogspot.com) - your Christmas countdown gave me something to blog about. Although, I think I might just start again on a regular basis. I feel writey again.

Luna said...

cute ornaments.