Friday, November 13, 2009

54 days of Christmas, day 42

DAY 42: 1)Today, I received a bunch of Christmas/winter themed scrapbooking supplies (pictured below) from bluehighways via our private swap on swap-bot. 2) I finished handsewing on the bright yellow trim of "C's" Autumn quilt, so now it is finished!! (pictured below, too). 3) Wayne & I should try to get a good photo of ourselves (either at arms length or with the self timer)this weekend, to add to our Christmas cards. 4) Started cutting out the quilt squares (143 in total @ 4.5" each) for my final Christmas quilt. This one is for "T" and will be ocean themed.


Kelly said...

The Autumn quilt is the colours and it looks so snug.

Luna said...

that is a very pretty quilt. perfect for fall.