Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer days & Bunny masks

We've gone swimming in North River on Tuesday and again today. The water is so beautiful! I don't know why more people don't get out and enjoy the summer and nature like this, I guess everyone's lifestyles are so hectic and busy they don't have time to fart, let alone relax and go swimming in the middle of the afternoon! We have to try to get out as many times as we can before the summer is gone. It sure makes up for those cold winter days when we have to walk downtown on the icy sidewalks and the bitter wind that cuts right through you!
I'd like to remind people about those days when they complain about the heat!
I'd love to find a bunny mask similar to this one pictured. Full faced & slightly creepy. I could definately take some interesting photos with it, especially if I use black and white or sepia tones... Anyone have any idea where to find one??

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Janie Out of Debt said...

I love art! Nice site.

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