Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Marley & Me

So, our neighbors rented Marley & Me and let us watch it last night... The first part of the movie was so stupid. I'm not a big fan of Owen Wilson to begin with, but he does so much talking and narrating... it gets annoying. Then the end is so incredibly sad... anyone watching would be bawling, anyone. I could so relate to the movie, as we had to put Hunter to sleep & did the same as they did in the movie: wrapped him and burried him. I "nursed him back to health" and we were forced to put him to sleep. Anyways, I recommend that anyone with a dog (especially a lab), anyone who loves dogs, or anyone who loves animals NOT watch this movie. Unless you enjoy movies with sad endings and like to bawl your eyes out, that is!


Maggi said...

Oh boy, I cannot handle sad movies, especially when it involves pets or kids, thanks for the warning! lol

Kunklebaby said...

I totally agree with you! We rented this for "family" movie night here. The movie was marketed as being happy & funny. We had just put our dog to sleep about a month earlier. By the end of the movie I was crying like a baby...as were my kids :(