Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Abandoned House Mosaic & Poem

"Abandoned House" a poem by Jenny Archibald
An abandoned, empty house,
All that lives there now is a field mouse.
The windows are broken or boarded up,
On the ground is a drinking cup.
Imagine the generations of families that used to be
Now all that's left is their debris.
An apple tree stands by the side
When the windows were boarded, it cried.
No one left to pick it's fruit
No one to care if it takes root.
Long gone are these families now
The fields will never again feel a plow.
The weeds grow up high
As the house says it's final good-bye.
It was once filled with love & laughter,
Now that's all it longs after.
The roof now leaks
As if tears running down it's cheeks.
An abandoned house - so sad
Where is the family it once had?

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Pretty Things said...

I love it.

I love abandoned things, and sometimes just go one driving trips to find them. I live in a (sea coast) rural area so have found some neat ones and managed to get some sort of decent ones in my Flickr. I keep hoping to find the great ones though!

Have you seen this site? If you like abandoned, you'll LOVE this one!

An English Shepherd said...

Lovely poem. I think abandoned houses look so sad :-(