Friday, March 4, 2011

surf and sand

"Growing up in Southern California, specifically Newport Beach, I have always had a love of the ocean. Having a bay on one side and the ocean on the other of a small spit of land I grew up on meant being surrounded by water. I moved to Hawaii when I was 18 and spent almost 20 years there. (Once again surrounded by water) I can't imagine not being able to see and smell the ocean every day of my life. My love of family brought me back to Newport Beach where I currently live.
Being a creative person by nature, I began making jewelry while in high school, then became employed as a silversmith. Currently, because of the lack of proper studio space, I have become enthralled with wire wrapping beautiful gemstones, which fullfills my obsession with color.
I love making beautiful things. Making jewelry is like meditation for me. I loose all track of time. It helps keep me calm, centered and helps relieve the stress of a full-time job and life in general
Putting my two loves together, tropic inspired colors and materials, and jewelry making, has brought me to create the pieces you see here.
I hope that when you wear one of my pieces,you feel that same sense of serenity that I feel creating it."
bio written by Julee via her etsy profile.

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