Friday, April 16, 2010

olive brown

olivebrown trys to used recycled materials whenever possible for both shipping supplies & hang tags. she also enjoy reusing thrift store sweaters & any other available items for new creations. as for yarn, she prefer using natural fibers. wool, alpaca, & hemp are some of her favorites. olivebrown has a BFA in fashion design, and has worked professionally in visual display in chicago for a major department store & an italian designer. both her education & work/life experience have shaped her design aesthetic, which consists of simple clean lines; and her color palette, which is usually muted. she tends to design intuitively and lets her chosen fabrics & yarns guide her creations. she am also inspired by: nature, architecture, menswear, utilitarianism... her designs are usually free of extra ornamentation---if it doesn't have a function or purpose, she finds it unnecessary.

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