Monday, March 1, 2010

Blythe clothes

Hello! I just wanted to brag about this newest Blythe outfit that I made. I listed it on etsy and it sold almost within the hour! You can be sure that I will be making more of these, in different colors and patterns!!
the dress: the skirt is black and white striped, a striped ruffle layer and a black white white polka dot ruffle layer, accented with black lace. The bodice is white eyelet fabric, lined in white cotton. vintage lace is sewn down the front, with 4 small black buttons, and a black bowtie with a vintage black button & pearl in the center.
the jacket: made of felt, the collar is folded back and held with tiny black buttons (a little bigger than on the front of the dress). The sides are small and don't cloes together, so that the vintage lace of the bodice and peak over the top. The same vintage lace is sewn to inside of the cuffs to look as though it is a long-sleeved shirt. the back of the jacket has a fake corset embroidered in white, long ribbon.
the headband: 3 sizes of yo-yos are sewn to a thin piece of black felt with a tiny piece of velcro on each end to hold it together. the center yo-yo is the largest in the same striped fabric as the skirt, accented with the same vintage button and pearl as in the bowtie; the next two are the same black with white polka dots as the last ruffle on the skirt, accented with white ribbon roses; the outer yo-yos are, again, the striped fabric, accented with 2 beads.

Etsy has some wonderful handmade Blythe clothes. here are just a few:

1. Blythe Houndstooth Lolita Dress by DoLLYSToRY
2. Orange and grey grid coat for blythe by Chinesegirl
3. Denim Flared Jean for Blythe - Triple Topstitching- 2 Functional Pockets by ababietoy
4. Blythe NEW A TISKET A TASKET ADORABLE 4 Pc Chris by nippykat
5. Mohair Sweater B for Doll by susa
6. Gray Hand Knit Blythe Boots by Dimples1967


alfiedog1 said...


Thanks so much for featuring my Toosie Flops boots in your blog today. I'm SO EXCITED! I'm new to Etsy and I hope this will be great for business! If 6 people purchase boots from me and tell me they saw them in this blog, I will send you a pair, in your choice of color, as a BIG THANK YOU! Kerry aka /Dimples1967

MissFifi said...

The Houndstooth dress is just fabulous!

Oliviarrow said...

Wow, you did a REALLY good job, she is beautiful in that outfit.