Thursday, December 10, 2009

54 days of Christmas, day 15 and 16

DAY 15: Started to wrap Christmas gifts tonight.

DAY 16: Finished wrapping the presents this afternoon; made a dotee doll to give to S., did a bit of sewing on T's quilt (it seems like this one is taking forever!)

Check out these Christmas-Inspired etsy finds:

1. Coda wrap dress- chocolate by: NataJane
2. Penguin Cup/8oz by: miekongo
3. LaLa Bloom --- Super Glam Lip Jam --- super shine and color --- Natural Gloss in Red Raspberry by: LaLaBloom
4. 1980's Vintage Stiletto Heals in Metallic Gold for New Year's Eve by: Melindamilkshake
5. Forest Green Jewel-Cut Shape Hemp/Cotton Bag by: tippythai
6. Cinnamon Spice Earrings Jewellery by: PotatoFace
7. Plaid wool dress with cuffed sleeves and cowl - s/m y: tangente
8. Haute Couture Pin up Girl with Happy Legs red dress Postcard set of 8 by: elainebiss


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful guide! I adore that wrap dress, and thanks for including my shoes.


Sarrah said...

what a pretty collection, well put together. Thanks for including my earrings. I'm following you!

Elaine B. said...

Thank you so much for the feature!!

tippythai said...

Wonderful collection! Thank you so much for including my bag here. :)

tangente said...

Love the penguin cup. Thanks for including my dress :)