Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ButterSword and a Photo Update

I am so thrilled that people are liking the "artists and their art" zines!
I am also excited to see that ButterSword actually drew about it on their website, not once, but twice!!
Lately, I've been super busy with sewing stuffies for swaps and custom doll clothes and I had another go at icicle dolls:

Cutting out fabric squares and sewing lap quilts for Christmas presents:

Trying to use up the green tomatos from our garden, by making pickles/chow:

We'd like to get back to the camp, again:

and stay overnight a night or two, but it's been raining for nearly a week straight.
The last time we were there, I finally caught this big frog (I'd been trying for weeks) and got some cute photos of him:

Last night, I found two of my journals that I kept during the year or so after I graduated. I am typing them out and will be making a zine(s) out of them. They are full of raw emotions and honesty!
I'm really feeling great these days...

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