Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I bought this zine from helloamber on etsy & I received it today. It's my second Culture Slut zine that I have received. I can't tell you how much I am enjoying Amber's zines! They are so well written and organized. Not just incoherent babbling, like some other zines I've read. They actually have a purpose. In this one, Amber & her twin sister, Maranda, talk about life as a twin. I must admit, the first reason why I bought this zine was because it has blythe dolls on the cover! I can't wait to get another Culture Slut and see what else Amber has to say!
Click on the image to go to Amber's shop!

I finally watched "Saw V" last night! I love this series of movies! I recommend that you start from the first one and watch through, tho, or you will be completely lost! There was alot of gore and unexpected twists, which I love. The ending always leaves me with the thought "When is the next one comming out???", and Saw V was no different!

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