Saturday, April 25, 2009

Six stuffies

So, I made these six stuffies/ plush animals for a friend's baby shop. She sells baby and maternity clothes. The store is called The Nesting Co. (or something like that) She wanted me to make some critters and see if they'd sell, in her store. I must say, that the plaid teddy is my favorite, and was almost sold before I even left the store! I think I'll be making more of these to sell in my Etsy store (in different colors), and for the baby store. Each stuffie is different from each other, some taking more work than others. Tell me which you like the best!
I often wonder, what's the point of keeping this blog? as I know there are NO readers... :*(


My name is Lauren said...

PTTTTTHHH! I'm reading this! Actually I came here looking for your instructions for the Japanese Owls. Did I miss it? Don't give one reads my blog either. Course I haven't made any new entries for quite some time though.

Smiles, Lauren

JennyTheArtist said...

Lauren, the owl tutorial link is int the "my tutorials" box on the right hand side of my blog. ^_^

Apple said...

I too like the plaid teddy bear the best.

Don't give could have lots of readers and they just aren't commenting. :)