Monday, November 10, 2008

"The Shinning" Twins Dal Dresses & In Memory of Casey

I painted another dog portrait this week. This is a family's dog, named Casey, who recently passed away. I wanted it to be a "memorial" painting, that's why the background has soft colors & stars. Can't you picture him lying in a grass field in doggie heaven?

Dimentions: 8"x10", medium: acrylic

Original photo:


A girl in Sweden had 2 Dals that are the same. She wanted identical dresses that are a reproduction of the dresses that the twins from "The Shinning" wear. These dresses took quite awhile to sew because of the fabric & had to be handsewn. I love the results and am looking forward to seeing them on my client's matching dolls. I love sewing custom clothes ^_^

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