Friday, February 8, 2013


Valentine gifts for friends / Set of 5 super small red heart brooches / Sweet plush mini brooches / Miniature
"Hello. My name is Evgeniya, but Jane is also okay. I live in Perm, industrial city in the heart of Russia, that's why I always missed something soft and cute in my life. So let me introduce «my team»: sweet tiny plush fellows and things. They are so different: ugly and cute, red and green, tasty and healthy — but all of them need to be loved equally. Love them and they will gladly return the compliment and will be nice and pleasant guests on your scarf, jacket or bag. They will really make your day! The main idea of my creation is making what I really love and hoping that somebody likes the result. I will be happy, if it's truly so."
bio written by Evgeniya via the etsy profile

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