Saturday, February 6, 2010

New projects this week

I've been pretty busy since my last post and wanted to share, with you, my newest projects!

This is the cat stuffie I made for saltybean, for our stuffie swap. I think she will love it, as I am quite happy with it, myself. I used those foam chips to stuff it with: I'm not too sure if I'm fond of them yet...

Here are two coat that I made. The first is a tribute to Twitter, on the Blythe. The "t" is much more teal-y-er than what the photo shows. "follow me" is embroidered on the back. Available in my etsy shop. The second is a yellow duck raincoat made for Lati yellow. I made it for a swap I'm doing. It's made from real raincoat material and I think it came out wonderfully. I will list it in my etsy soon. I wonder if others will fall in love...?

Wayne found some wonderful skateboard catatlogs in a dumpster, they are clean and barely even used! I chose one of them, with the heaviest paper, and made these envelopes. I already had the template, traced out several of them, Wayne cut them out for me, and I glued them together. Really funky images on them. Lot of 15 available in my etsy right now!

Next, I have these twin mermaid dotee dolls to show you. A friend wanted me to make one for another friend, so I ended up making twins and sending one to each friend! I just love making mermaid dotee dolls! I tried to make them look the same, as close as possible. They always end up smaller than what I had hoped. Next time, I shall try to use more fabric, so that it comes out bigger.

This isn't a project, so much as I just wanted to show them off! My Sonny Angels arrived this week. Oh, I just love them! I fell so much in love, that I bought four more, second hand for super cheap. I think they are just adorable, anatomically correct and all!

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