Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Natural Glam

Geometric Pyramid Earrings - Long Chain - Elegant Dangles - Golden Shoulder Duster Earrings
"Welcome to Natural Glam I love creating things with my hands and sharing them with others...and I love to receive handmade gifts. I am passionate about designing jewelry with meaning and that celebrate the goddess that is naturally in each and every woman. I consider all my pieces to be a labor of love and I am thrilled to share them with you. Thank you for stopping by and I hope your find something that you can't resist! Peace and Blessings!"
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Sunday, January 20, 2013


White Coffee Mug
"I am originally from Bigfork, MN. I earned a BFA from Bemidji State University and then went on to do a two year residency with potter Bob Briscoe. Working at Bob's was my first exposure to a professional studio potter make a living from his art. I was convinced instantly that this was what I wanted to do. In 2002 I decided to make a go of it and set up a studio in St. Paul where I continue to work in my 10th year of making pottery professionally. I love making pottery and find it comfortable being part of a tradition of making pots for peoples homes. Pots that can be used daily, and are interesting to the point where they help enhance your day to day life."
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Gabriella Barouch

Lady of clare
"I love Vinyl toys, Vintage toys, Pez, Paris,Children's Books, Patterns, amusement parks and life :) I finished my studies in Bezalel academy of arts and design, working on worldwide commissions, books and projects. Showcases work at the international 3×3 new talent gallery, NY. Won top 10 illustrators 2012 in the 9th COW International Design Festival-Ukraine, awarded 4 & awarded Honorable Mention in Hand Drawn Competition 2012 of PRINT magazine, , made the 3rd place in Richard Solomon's breakthrough contest, 2011 NY, entered CMYK's 51 Most creative, and many more."
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French Melody

set of 3 faux deer head, faux taxidermy , greeting card, turquoise
"Hello, I am a French interior and designer of environment's product , graduate school Camondo Paris. I also have a passion for collecting and I love you hunt around for objects typically French. Anything is for the home ... my passion I especially like the objects tell a story, a time use, a habit. Like their intrinsic beauty. It's so fun to change the context .. Like upcycling. I can also create objects that I can not find ... So go ahead and give a touch of French charm to your home ..."
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Homespun Ireland

Miniature Irish Cottage Ring Hand Painted Paper Clay -- Handmade in Ireland
"I am a mixed media and textile artist, working from a studio in Ballinacurra, Co. Cork, Ireland. My work is inspired by Irish heritage, and Irish country life. My favourite materials are wool, lace, and paper. I am fascinated with vintage sewing paraphenalia, catholic iconography, and old photographs."
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River Luna

Bear Illustration - Animal Art Painting - Archival Print - 8x10 Rafi the Honey Bear
"I'm Marisa, the artist behind River Luna. My paintings are inspired by nature, space, culture, and my awesome 4 year old, River. He's pretty much one half of my work. Animal paintings are usually requested by him, and together we gather feathers, leaves, stones, and pretty twigs covered in moss which grace my painting table. If you'd like a peek in my studio, please take a look at my new 'about' page. If you’d like to see more of my process and other daily happenings you can check out my new blog. Thanks for visiting River Luna!"
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Les Petites Choses

Teal Tree Branch Stud Earrings
"All jewelry is handmade with care & love by Vera and Vanessa, mother and daughter. We love vintage, shabby chic but also romantic, modern and simple things. That's the inspiration for our work."
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