Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lolley's Curiosities

Secret Summer Ritual Shadowbox
"Kathleen Lolley moved to Kentucky nine months after her birth. She spent her childhood split between the lush green hills of Louisville, KY and the magical dark forests of Pittsburgh, PA. Storytelling and nature are prominent elements in her work. Critters try to break the spell of day to day heartbreak and giant owls return to their nest with only dreams. She currently resides in Kentucky where she spends her time making crafts, comics and art."
bio written bu lolley via her website bio


bear hand painted on porcelain mug
"nice to meet you here! since 1979 I've been working as a ceramic restorer - then I started to paint new pieces in order to replace my customers' broken set of dishes and so on... I felt a little bored with sevres and meissen patterns, so I found out it could be nicer to draw and paint animals and bicycles rather than old days bunch of flowers: I hope you too will enjoy them."
bio written by Mara via her etsy profile

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Julie Nolan Jewelry

Lyra Brass Constellation Cuff Bracelet
"I have been working as a jeweler for the past 5 years. I attended Studio Jewelers in NYC in 2008/2009 where I was enrolled in their 9 month Comprehensive Jewelry Course. After completing my certificate, I apprenticed under Randi Mates of Aesa Jewelry. You can find my jewelry at various boutiques across the U.S. Please contact me for wholesale inquiries."
bio written by Julie via her etsy profile

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tugboat Printshop

Big, Bad Wolf Woodcut Print
"Tugboat Printshop is our in-house printshop & studio space located in Pittsburgh, PA. We (Paul Roden & Valerie Lueth) specialize in woodcuts and etchings but also make drawings, gardens, renovations, and dinner. We also like old movies, toe-tapping music, porch swings, coffee breaks, fixing things, and visitors (so call us if you're in the area and stop on by for a visit!) Most of our current work is collaborative and in woodblock. Our prints are 100% original drawings hand-drawn directly onto blocks of wood, hand-carved with hand tools, and hand-printed onto archival paper (directly from the woodblocks) in our in-house printshop. Quality is extremely important to us. All of our prints are printed with top-shelf, oil based inks onto fine, archival papers. If cared for properly, our prints will last many lifetimes! Though it is inevitable that there will be some variation in woodblock printing between prints, we curate only the best copies printed into our editions. Our prints are always handled carefully by expert hands. When you purchase prints from our shop, you can be sure that you will be getting the best that we have to offer."
bio written by TugboatPrintshop via the etsy profile

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gigi In Stitches

Thanksgiving Decor Felt Doll Autumn Acorn - Miniature Brown Orange Yellow Fall Leaf Table Decoration
"Gigi In Stitches opened shop in September 2011, created with the goal of bringing beautifully hand-crafted felt dolls and other handmade items to parents, friends, children or collectors. I am a SoCal graphic designer who moonlights as a passionate crafter (or perhaps it's the other way around!)."
mini-bio written by Gigi via the etsy profile

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

lee loong studio

Hand Stitched Leather Tote Bag / Briefcase / Cross Body Messenger Bag / Laptop Bag in Yellow
"Hi, I have just met with Etsy recently, but you know that I have been designing&hand stitching&hand making leather bags since from 2003 in my Sigapoure hometown. All my handcrafted bags are made with genuine cow leather material with superior brass hardwares and quality cotton thread. I believe you can use my bag for decades with carefully maintainess. I am always doing my best to learn what's the fashion elements currently, and make my bags to be stylish all the way. And I do like vintage style, I always make bags in a vintage style which is fashion for ever. I do hope you like my handcrafts also."
bio written by Lee Loong via the etsy profile


Chunky knit lace slipover/vest in turquoise - made to order
"Hello and welcome to my world, I.m a passionate knitter/designer and mom of one based in UK. Although I am Lithuanian born and bred, at the moment I happen to live in picturesque Scottish Highlands. I am absolutely mesmerised by the beautiful scenery and many of my designs are inspired by nature. I love creating, and started knitting at very young age. I love experimenting with different yarns and patterns, and the biggest satisfaction is then my creations make other people happy :)"
bio written by laurimuks via the etsy profile

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Four Piece Breakfast/Lunch Dinnerware - Serving for Two Plates Bowls - Handmade Pottery Rust Red, Sky Blue
"My parents didn't have a money tree. I learned to make what I wanted with my own hands - toy trucks from scrapwood, knives from old broken pieces, little pots from clay I found along a creek bank. That was fun. It generated a love of craft and the old ways, the real ways of making things with a personal touch. As an adult, I couldn't get away from my fascination with clay. It caught up with me. I studied long and hard, trained under old masters and picked their brains. My adult daughters and son couldn't keep their hands out of it either, and followed in my footsteps... my handprints. Getting into the rhythm of creating, we often lose all sense of time in the joy of it. I like to compare the creating of a pot to a song. The perfection of each step from kneading, forming, drying, bisque firing, glazing, and the final glaze firing, has to all work together to create the harmony of a great piece. It gives me real satisfaction to eat out of a handmade dish or grasp a shaving mug, that is an individual, with personality, not just another assembly line number. My wares are to share that joy with you!"
bio written by pottersong via the etsy profile

Indra's ideas

Embroidered pink butterfly book, journal, notebook
"I enjoy flowers, fog in the meadow, dew on a cobwebs, rime in trees... I try to use it in my works! I like to be close to nature - it inspires me to create things which reminds me about beauty of nature! I am embroidering and felting, sewing by hands and also using sewing machine. I like to experiment embroidering using freehand embroidering technique and I like to mix different styles and materials (felt,beads, wool, linen etc.). I have lots of ideas, so visit my shop regulary and you will be surprised by my new projects!"
bio written by Indra via her etsy profile

Monday, October 15, 2012

behind my blue eyes

Photo print of a small cute Beagle puppy, postcard size high quality photo print, 10cm x 15cm
"I am a photographer living in Helsinki. I have lived in Oulu as well. I love to go out and photograph the nature. Originally I come from Romania and I am an engineer. But I have had my own business as a photographer since 2008."
mini-bio written by Sandra via her etsy profile

Friday, October 12, 2012


portait indian girl print illustration A4 size
"Hi there, I am Irene, a self-taught crafter and illustrator. I live in Italy, in a wonderful city near the mountains. I am the only designer, maker, packagers, shippers, online content director, & customer service representative… of my shop :) it all takes place in my little studio, on the top floor of my house.. while I drink a cup of coffee with cold milk and I draw funny and curious characters.. I work with acrylics, pastels and oil painting. I am fond of traditional engraving and printing, especially linocut print. I like: .walking quietly in the woods .painting and creating with recycled materials .cooking fruit pies for my family and my boyfriend :) .collecting vintage buttons and beads .taking photos with my dad's old reflex camera .drawing (a small notebook is always in my pocket) .my favourite artists are Lucian Freud, Caravaggio and Cézanne"
bio written by Irene via her etsy about page.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Hickory Tree

Contemporary Wood Compass - Hikers Wood Pocket Compass with Leather Strap for Hiking, Camping, Nature Lovers
"My creations are 'Made in Michigan" and represent some of the beautiful trees found here in our wonderful Great Lakes State. Thank you for visiting my Etsy shop. All of my products are Earth Friendly products made from one of earth's greatest masterpieces, Trees. It's wonderful seeing something emerge from one of nature's beautiful creations. How great is that? Most of my branches comes from my the local wood drop off site or storm fallen branches on my property. Occasionally a friend or co-worker will leave a branch for me because they know I will make something wonderful out of it. Thank you so much for visiting my shop. We should always leave a little something of ourselves behind for others to inspire, admire and cherish. It's been such a blessing having buyers purchase one of my products. Every customer is dearly appreciated. I also sell natural earthy supplies and wedding decor at my other etsy shop which can be found here:"
bio written by Linda via her etsy profile page

Picture Book

Coffee and Beignets 5x5 Photograph

Sunday, October 7, 2012

the vintage thread

Ghost Gourd Set
"I enjoy balancing the old with the new, the unique with the ordinary, the tacky with the tasteful and the rustic with the refined. The little things in life appeal to me. Through my creations and vintage finds, I hope to highlight some of that beauty for you."
mini-bio written by Barb via the etsy profile

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Miss Guindon Illustration

Esther Finally Arrives at the Cabin edition 7 of 50

Turtle Doves

October - Robert Frost - O hushed October Morning Mild (5x7 note card)
"The first interest I felt in art was when I saw my mom turn a series of circles and shapes into a drawing of a rabbit. I was amazed. I thought my mom was a great artist, and I wanted to be one too. Sort of like Mom--with her circle-and-shapes bunny--mixing, matching, and putting things together is the way I like to work. Collage and assemblage are the perfect mediums for me. I enjoy painting, too, and incorporating that into mixed media work. I have a wonderful husband who encourages me in all that I do or try. When I think something is awful, he manages to find something good in it. He's the solid earth of my life. I have etsy shops with different styles, for when my dopplegänger and I switch places. You can find those shops by searching for WhatInSamHill (folk art) or SamFlorance. (contemporary)."
bio written by Sam via the etsy profile ETSY * BLOG