Friday, September 30, 2011

cathy cullis

Charm - mixed media folk art doll
"Born London 1969. I am an Arts Graduate with both a BA hons and a MA - despite the academic side to me, I'm very much a self-taught creative artist. I work in my small studio space, listening to music and surrounded by my favourite collections of art and craft.
I'm also a published poet. I received an Eric Gregory award for poetry in 1996 from the Society of Authors. My work has been published in a variety of journals and I've had a couple of pamplet/chapbook collections published. Currently working on many new poems....
I love to make things with my own two hands, using simple materials: thread, fabric, paper....
I have a love of history, art history, folklore, memory, folk art, nostalgia, design and fashion. I delight in the work of many other artists, especially the outsider Madge Gill, the poet/artist William Blake, countless historical painters, as well as modern textile artist Alice Kettle.
I have exhibited work in the UK and US. My work has been featured in various magazine / journals both in the US and UK."
bio written by Cathy via her etsy profile

meeks sandy girl

Fall Harvest Bib Necklace in Crochet
"My name is Sandy Meeks and I reside in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.
A wedding coordinator by weekend, a crocheting fool during the week, a wife and mother all the time"
mini-bio written by Sandy via her etsy profile

a fuzzy rainbow

a fuzzy rainbow by lilfishstudios
a fuzzy rainbow, a photo by lilfishstudios on Flickr.

name gleaned from a friend. :)

A few felted textural stones all lined up. Each has a real stone inside, giving it a nice weight.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the tall gene

Glimmering Neck Treasure
"Hi there! I lovelovelove making jewelry! The more sparkle and dazzle, the better! I've lived in North Central Texas most of my life and I'm definitely inspired by the wide open skies and the friendly people all around me. For me, jewelry is a way to celebrate the beauty inherent in every day life."
mini-bio written by Rebecca via her etsy profile

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mini Weaving on Handmade Paper - Detail

Mini weaving using variegated blue perle cotton yarn, done directly on handmade paper.

Handmade paper was made from recycled materials including old manila mailing envelopes and unwanted mail.

little voice

Plush Green Monster Lovable - Owen - Merry Monster


Typewriter Transcription
"MOXIEDOLL - An attractive woman with aggressive energy, spirit and know-how.
A little background...
I was born and raised in the small, rural town of Salem, OH. Growing up I spent my days fashioning Barbie dolls and choreographing dance routines with my neighborhood friends in the backyard. A bibliophile from inception, I was also notorious for carrying books everywhere I went and even co-authored an illustrated chapter book with my best friend in the sixth grade. In high school I developed a passion for taking pictures and eventually merged my love of writing and photography by working on the school newspaper and yearbook. I left for college with lofty dreams of one day becoming a photojournalist for National Geographic, but ended up graduating with a B.A. in English and aspirations of librarianship.
After pursuing my MLIS at Kent State, I landed my first professional position as Fiction and Audiovisual Librarian in the artsy community of Oak Park, IL. A move to the city to get paid to talk about books and movies with people? It seemed like a dream come true for this country mouse! Shortly after my move in 2002, I discovered the emerging DIY scene in Chicago and decided I wanted to become a part of it. So I ordered some Sublime Stitching patterns, taught myself how to embroider and quickly began selling my creations at craft fairs.
My love of variety and desire to try new things led me to explore many crafts over the next several years - everything from screenprinting to jewelry making. And I simultaneously began to work my way up at the library, taking on more advanced job titles. Ultimately though I returned to the craft I know and love best - hand embroidery. In 2009 I began stitching primarily retro inspired designs using vintage materials and almost immediately began receiving continuous positive feedback from customers and the crafting community.
After finding the library ladder climbing to be more tiring and less rewarding than I had hoped, I decided to leave library land in July 2010 in order to pursue my crafting business and find my next professional path. I am still searching and settling into my new working life, but I am much happier and looking forward to what the future will bring!"
bio written by moxiedoll via the etsy profile

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bunny with a toolbelt

Bride and Groom Foxes for your Wedding Cake
"Hello Beautiful Person! My name is Hilary.
I started making my living from my artwork in 1989. Somewhere along the way, I adopted the name Bunny with a Toolbelt, which encapsulated the way I love to learn and work in many different art media. I also liked the name because (much to my mother's chagrin,) I was quite fond of appearing in public in a bunny suit right around that time. I don't do that too often these days, but I still think it's a great business name.
In addition to Etsy, I sell this work at The Gallery at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, Oregon College of Art and Craft, The San Francisco Museum of Craft + Design, the Wood Turning Center, and Crafty Wonderland's biannual bazaar in my hometown Portland, Oregon. The work I show on my Etsy site has been featured in the Style section of the Sunday New York Times, Brides Magazine, Green Wedding Shoes, 100 Layer Cake, Eco-Beautiful Weddings, Wedding Bee, Broke Ass Bride, and ReadyMade Magazine, among others.
I keep a blog of this business which shows images from my workbench, things that inspire me, and what's new. You can read it at
When I'm not working on this business, I spend most of my free time making other artwork. I have created large scale installations for the Fuller Craft Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Indianapolis Art Center and others. My work is represented by Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco. You can see plenty of images of this work on my other website
The spare time that's left is spent volunteering for Art on Alberta, a nonprofit organization in my neighborhood, or hanging out with my sweetheart and our most awesome dog Weegee."
bio written by Hilary via her etsy profile

Monday, September 19, 2011

evita works

Music Forest - Folk Art - Framed Original Acrylic Painting by Eva Campbell
"Welcome to the Shop for the Art Woman! - Hosted by the artist Eva Campbell. The woman as Goddess, Mother, Virgin, Icon, Fantasy Creature, Angel, Geisha, Eastern Enchantress ... in any of the endless forms any woman can be!
In my shop, you can find beautiful pieces of art for your place and collections, in originals or prints, wooden-mounted or in other media. Whatever you choose, all of them are finely made, based on my original works in watercolor, acrylic and ink."
bio written by Eva via her etsy shop announcement

Friday, September 16, 2011

sunshine art design

Harvest - Summer berries fine art photography
"I'm very happy to share my photographs with you and with people from all over the world.It's a wonderful thing to meet so many art and craft lovers here.
I'm a self thought photographer.I'm both a nature lover and an art lover.So nature photography is a very special activity for me.I think photographs are a great way of looking from different points of view and a great way to become aware of the beauties which we frequently miss during our routine works.I'm also a painter and I've just opened my new shop here"
bio written by Esra via her etsy profile


buttonbelt by kristiscrafts
buttonbelt, a photo by kristiscrafts on Flickr.

a pile of old mismatched buttons! I sewed and sewed and sewed....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

niswander ceramics

Rosie Rabbit Vase
"Hello, I'm Laurie J Niswander:)
I love three dimensional art and how it fits into everyday life; I love a beautiful, well crafted pot, or a sculpture in the garden.
I work with stoneware clay making handbuilt and wheel thrown pottery, as well as slab-built figurative sculptures. I roll out clay slabs and let them set until they are leather hard. I cut and assemble shapes, scoring and using clay slip to bind the slab walls together. I work textures into the surfaces of the figures using tools I have created from bisque fired clay, plaster casts, natural elements, and fabrics such as burlap, lace or netting. I use a red iron oxide finish on the sculptures before firing them in the kiln to 2262 degrees fahrenheit.
I am thankful for the many influences on my artwork. My father is a folklorist. He has traveled all over the world bringing home with him traditional art such as Hopi Native American masks, kachina dolls, Cambodian shadow puppets, and face jugs by southern American artists. Being exposed to many diverse influences has been an inspiration. Another great influence on my art work was my mother, who made sculpture from stone and clay. When I was a child, my mother always had a large trash can full of earthy wet clay, which provided material for my early exploration and creation.
Recently I became interested in Japanese Haniwa tomb sentries while doing research for a class. Haniwa tomb sentries are slab-built terra cotta sculptures with mask-like faces. They are dancers and noble warriors whose purpose is is to protect the dead. They can be humans, or animals; male or female. I have used them as a guide for my own sculpture.
In my work there is an element of spiritual offering, a feeling of tradition and ritual ceremony. Sometimes the female figures dance, or sometimes they bow down in worship. They always wear a quiver on their back, representing the tension of power inside them; though they exhibit courage and mercy, there is an underlying ferocity of spirit.
My sculptures have been part of juried competitions, and have recently won a guild award at the Creative Craft Council juried show at the Strathmore Mansion in Bethesda Maryland."
bio written by Laurie via her etsy profile

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the honeycomb

vintage inspired cream wedding headpiece - ANTOINETTE - pink flowers, velvet, rhinestones
"My name is Blanche, and I design, create, and model the pieces in The Honeycomb shop.
My designs are inspired by the woodlands, vintage styles, and high fashion. Every piece is crafted with patience and love, with exquisite attention to detail, and many existing designs can be custom made to reflect your individual style or theme.
About me - I have a B.F.A. degree in graphic design. My dual life-passions are Etsy and amazing graphic design (web + print). I'm so in love with my job that I can't imagine working a corporate, suit-and-skirt job EVER AGAIN! I am obsessed with hearing success stories of women in business, and their creative work spaces. I look for patterns, textures, and nonsensical rhythm in everyday things.
I have a 16-year-old Bichon Frise pup, Chou-Chou, who keeps me company as I work. My favorite movies are BBC classics and Masterpiece Theater. Music is as important to me as breathing. Sometimes my excitement over a great new design idea will make my internet connection drop."
bio written by Blanche via her etsy profile

Thursday, September 8, 2011

under the root

Nereides Nixie Blue Green Lace Camisole Top
"Under The Root is an independent, intimate apparel label designing and supporting a conscious culture with hand structured loungerie and boudoir accessories.
This tree was planted as a seedling by Jennifer M. Brown and all the talented beauties, networked underneath the soil, in the land of 2003. It continues to grow connecting the strange performance background of quick changes, sprinkled with a heaping dose of gathered materials, to the wonders of nature and their fables through time. When asked why underthings? "I am intensely drawn to design pieces which embellish even the most modest bodies. Playful, demure, and innocent winks of grandeur are a few of the themes which pull me in to the cutting table late at night. I want people to whirl around in their days and nights, storytelling their own fables or becoming their own stories." The human body is magikal, the pieces are each meticulously handmade, and therefore unique, as you, throughout every seam.
We choose to believe that each cut is made from the hands and minds of the delightfully eccentric and succinct elves, goblins, sprites and other unorthodox adjuncts of the landscape observer... hopefully, we are not the only ones who believe. Their inspirations include and certainly not limited to circus arts, vaudeville, parisian cancan, modern dance, burlesque, harmony, chaos, vintage, stage, theatre, cabaret, and sauntering swoons. Some say their sparkles have been here before the beginning of time."
bio written by UnderTheRoot via the etsy profile


Red Poppies Hand Embroidered Wall Art
"Hi! My name is Lynn. I live in a cute little tourist town in NW Washington with my husband and young son.
I have been making things by hand for as long as I can remember. My mom is an artist and taught me how to paint and sew at a very early age.
Mostly I make freehand embroidered items (fussing with patterns gives me a headache) and I paint, but I reserve the right to veer off and make something completely different if i want to."
bio written by Lynn via her etsy profile

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nervous Wardrobe

Crochet Sweater-Hooded Wide Sleeved in Shades of Green Mohair Sweater
"Welcome to a world of one of a kind handmade clothing and accessories, inspired by Billie's blues and romantic, feminine shapes. My grandma taught my mum and my mum taught me how to sew and to appreciate everything that's unusual and beautiful and handmade and she helps me with everything knitted in my shop, this is her website:"
bio written by NervousWardrobe via the etsy profile

Monday, September 5, 2011


Last Summer Days bulky Polwarth handspun yarn
"Bright, bold and fun colors combined with textures are my passion and you will find most of it in the products I offer."
mini-bio written by Marion via her etsy profile

abounding treasures

Autumn Fluttering - 3D Butterfly Art - 8x8
"My name is Dallas and I'm a wife to my best friend; a mother of 3 grown children and a grandmother of 2 sweet little boys.
Later in life than most, I've discovered my creative side and love creating unique 3D ART as well as WHIMSICAL COLLAGES.
♥ My heart has literally been *changed* TWICE ~ once in 1977, when as a sinner, I was saved by the grace of God --- then again many years later in 2005, when I miraculously received a transplanted donor heart!
I try to enjoy the magic of ordinary days and remind myself not to wait for special times because I've learned to realize and appreciate that JUST BEING ALIVE IS SPECIAL ♥"
bio written by Dallas via her etsy profile

Saturday, September 3, 2011

sarah's creations

Sarah AAA Blue Tanzanite Quartz Briolette Freshwater Pearl 14K Gold Filled Earrings
"I am a self-taught jewelry designer and I have been designing and creating jewelry since 2006. Creating jewelry is something I enjoy and am passionate about. All of my pieces are handcrafted with my full attention and care. I work with glass beads, gemstones, freshwater pearls, Sterling silver and 14K gold fill. I buy almost 100% of my supplies from other sellers on Etsy. I feel it is so important that we support each other as much as we can."
bio written by Sarah via her etsy profile.