Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clifton Cakes

Valentine Pink Heart Chocolate Stiletto Shoe
"Frances Cooley is the owner of Clifton Cakes – a boutique cake maker and chocalatier, who has been creating distinctive, ‘one-of-a-kind’ cakes for over a decade. She has developed a unique range of chocolate shoes under the name ‘Choc Chic’. This new exciting range beautifully designed and packaged Belgium chocolate shoes are hand crafted out of the finest Belgium chocolate, with an edible chocolate ‘Choc Chic’ label inside each shoe. Chocolate stiletto shoes perfectly combines two things women love: chocolate and high heeled shoes. Ideal special occasion gifts, to admire, eat or even wear depending on your shoe size"
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Buttercream and sugar-fondant designs on regular and bite-size Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes.

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3 pink heart pins

3 pink heart pins
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I made these heart pins for Valentine's Day...which is your favorite pin?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pocket Full of Love Pillow

Nature Walk, 100% certified organic cotton fabric from Cloud9 Fabrics.


Vickie Wade Fine Art

Kiss After Work
"I'm Vickie, an artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Blessed with a wonderful husband, grown sons and two grandkids, my life as an artist has lots of joy! Every day I am thrilled I get to do what I love for a living!"
bio written by vickie via her etsy profile

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Court and Spark

Dala Folk Horse Decoration
"After launching with handmade and designed plush fabric Christmas decorations for the 2010 holiday season, I'll shortly be adding soft furnishings and gifts to the Court & Spark range and have plans to begin creating items made entirely with my own fabric print designs."
bio written by Philippa via her etsy profile

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

needle you

Needlepoint Lovey Dovey Belt Buckle
"Needle You belt buckles are a one-woman run show of stylish handmade eclectic needlepoint buckles in a variety of rich colors & designs to satisfy anyone looking for a different kind of accesory...Alumna of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago + worked in visual merchandising for Marshall Fields = Has an eye for the aesthetic & yet prefers to march to the beat of her own drum~"
bio written by Leslie via her etsy profile

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Chic Lovers Date 3D optical illusion roses dress
"I am a part-time knitwear and accessories designer impassioned by the numerous creative opportunities that come through knitted fabric.
I experiment with garments, jewelery, accessories and Etsy is my barometer to see whether somebody finds it interesting. Things true for all my designs - they are great conversation starters, they are very eye-catching, they are unique (I rarely repeat designs) and they are completely hand-made."
bio written by yuliyawimmerlin via her etsy shop announcement

Sunday, February 13, 2011


VALENTINES string of hearts PRINT 6x6
"I'm an artist living right in the heart of downtown Toronto Canada. I have been a full time artist since 2001 selling my paintings to amazing collectors all over the world.
I am so happy to have found etsy. I am selling both originals on canvas and wood as well as prints of my favorite paintings."
bio written by Tascha via her etsy profile

Saturday, February 12, 2011

christina lowry designs

'Twice as nice' Pendant
"I first fell in love with silver smithing while studying Fine Art at University. I inherited a creative nature from my Mother and have dabbled in many artistic fields, but jewellery has remained my first passion.
I spent many years working in the jewellery trade; making, repairing and selling jewellery. And all the while I furthered my knoweledge in this field by undertaking courses such as gem setting and pearl threading, and became a qualified diamond grader.
In late 2008, David I welcomed our son into the world. With Cohen's birth I undertook a new role as stay at home mother. Now, with a studio based at home, I create jewellery every chance I get.
'Christina Lowry Designs' focuses on orignial, handmade jewellery, as well as custom made designs. I have a large collection of precious coloured stones that I have collected over the years, as well as contacts with suppliers who are able to source any gem imaginable."
bio written by Christina via her bigcartel profile

sarah and bendrix

Personalised Love Hearts Framed Picture
"Each of our pictures is made with love, care and attention and they would make a wonderful presents for your loved ones or great additions to your home. They are sentimental, modern, vintage, simple and beautiful. Some of them can be personalised, some are limited editions, some one of pieces, made just for you.
And why sarah & bendrix ?
Maurice Bendrix's love affair with his friend's wife, Sarah, had begun in London during the Blitz. One day without warning, Sarah, had broken off the relationship. Two years later, driven by obsessive jealousy and grief, Bendrix sends private detective to follow Sarah...
This was an affair which scandalized British high society and inspired a best selling novel and two films. And one of my favourite books and film.
(The End of Affair by Graham Green)"
bio written by sarah & bedrix via their "not on the high street" profile

Friday, February 11, 2011


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sort of a rush job on the valentine decorations this year. Got caught up in a (still unfinished) painting project.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Unicorns. Pearls. Petticoats. Pink white striped petti with bow and sparkles
"11tyone is an eco-friendly shop selling cute handmade clothes. Most materials are recycled or vintage and the sewing machine is powered by green energy. No environmental impact = clothes that feel good!"
bio written by 11tyone via the etsy shop announcement

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Custom portrait heart trivet

Custom painted wedding portrait hand drawn and hand painted on a heart shaped pottery trivet. Personalized with names and wedding date a fun and functional keepsake gift, handmade from the bride and grooms photo, that they can use throughout the year.

Monday, February 7, 2011

lune designs

Valentines Day-Ruby Red Hearts Convertible Necklace-Bracelet
"Welcome to Lune! My name is Keirsten. I am a self-taught jewelry designer living in northwest Montana. I am also a legal secretary, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.
I spent a year making truly atrocious jewelry for myself to wear, haphazardly cobbled together from the meager supplies available in my tiny town. Nevertheless, I decided I had talent, and decided to spend another year acquiring some actual skill.
At the end of that year there was too much jewelry lying around to wear or give away, so I pondered a more clever (and fiscally responsible) way to get rid of it. And Lune was born!
The world is my studio. I make jewelry in my living room. In my kitchen. In my bedroom. In the other bedroom. On the porch. At work. At the park. On a boat. At the beach. At the campground. And even in my car (but not while driving). Some of my best work was done in the driver's seat of a Toyota Yaris.
I've always had strong creative urges, but I can't paint, draw, sculpt, sew, compose music, dance, or play an instrument so it was a little frustrating. I am a damn fine actress, but I just didn't have the contacts to make it to the big time so I studied French instead.
Imagine my relief when I discovered I could make jewelry. Or at least I make stuff that looks like jewelry. I think it's good. I hope it's good. It looks OK to me. I hope I'm not the only one that likes it. (If I'm not, don't tell me, OK? I don't have any other creative options)."
bio written by Keirsten via her etsy profile

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Your own Valentine Card (textile collage)
"My real name is Norma Andreu and I´m from Mexico City now living in Montreal. I'm very happy you've decided to visit. I'm a painter and an illustrator and more recently a textile artist!!! who loves children's books, everything you see here is hand made by me and I hope you like it!
Every doll is made by me with my sewing machine and with some hand embroidery, I have different ones: UOMI’s, Grumpies, Cluns, Magical Creatures and the No one’s children. For the first three I made a pattern so even if each one of them is a one of a kind because of the fabrics, colors and dress code, they all look the same shape. In the case of the No one’s children and Magical Creatures they are all a unique piece because I have no pattern and the faces and dresses are made out with a combination of free motion stitching and my imagination, they are like children illustrations alive!!! I draw the faces with the threads in the moment and I choose the fabrics, buttons and shapes in the very moment I’m doing it!!!! They are just unique!!!!"

karo art

heart-shaped red CERAMIC BUTTONS, handmade and unique
"I'm Karo aka Karolina Grudniewska, ceramic artist based in Dublin, Ireland. I make ARTY CERAMIC BUTTONS, JEWELLERY, beautiful TILES and more..."
mini-bio written by Karo via the etsy profile

Saturday, February 5, 2011

piecake primitives

Primitive Valentine Folk Art Mermaid Doll
"Hi! After working many years in Retail management, I decided I needed a change. I went to working Part-time, and I had a baby. My baby boy is now 11 years old!
I have always loved making things. My family has quite a few things that I have made. My mom and dad were cleaning their attic one day after my beloved Gram passed away in 1999, and they found my her sewing machine. Gram would always tell us stories of growing up during the Depression, and how her family made the most of what they had. She lived with us all my life, so Gram was a great inspiration to me. Not knowing if it worked or not, I asked if I could have the sewing machine. I starting goofing around with it, being inspired by things I would see at craft shows, ect. Making dolls and other primitive things has become my passion.
One day, I hope to be able to be at home all the time to create.
I truly believe you should follow your dreams......."
bio written by Lorraine via her etsy profile

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bear & Bunting

Bear & Bunting
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Loveswept....pocket mirror (3inch)
"Welcome to Tim's Sally. My name is Mindy and I've been creating art full-time for about 2 years and am thankful every day for the lovely people who visit my shop and support my art. I couldn't do it without you lovely souls.
Painting for me, is a nostalgic descent back to my childhood - a time when dolls were a huge part of my life. Today is not altogether different. I think of my paintings as play sets where I dress my dolls up and create their own environment. Sometimes this “land” is a sweet setting of animals, nature, and innate innocence while others are captivated by a mysterious engulfing darkness. I can relate. Memories of playtime and my special collection of “neat stuff” that I kept in a wooden trunk made specially for me by my uncle were treasures to me. Baby doll heads, vintage dolls, sweet scents of everything yummy are areas of great inspiration. Artists such as Mark Ryden, Joe Sorren, and Casey O’Connell also capture my heart with a sweet tenderness encompassing subtle moments of time we all would like to revisit; a dream state so unique one could only wish to take part."
bio written by Mindy via her etsy profile

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

for you my heart - open

Michiel Thomas

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sock monster

red button heart stuffy
"I'm Rose, an 18 year old girl living in Michigan. We are a family of artists. This shop is the place for my sister Pearl and I to share with you a peep hole into our colorful world of cloth, thread and yarn. We do our best to reuse/repurpose everything we can find or is given to us. With both of my parents being artists, I have grown up with just a little bit of money and a whole lot of creative making do. It is our hope that you can find something not only useful but beautiful in the Sock Monster Shop."
bio written by Rose via her etsy profile

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


all during february, i will try to post something valentine themed....

valentine-sweet on you-assortment-5 flower bouquet-surprise assortment
"I am a slightly artsy, slightly craftsy designer, wife, momma. I have been doing freelance graphic design since 2004 and just recently I've started to produce more handmade work. I love making things look like they should look; like they deserve to look. I love combining the best of the computer with the best of handmade/natural elements in my design. I fancy myself as a creative problem solver, whether it comes to communicating visually through graphic design what the client is saying through words, fixing my sons toys that break or making toys from scratch, coming up with new and exciting business ideas for myself or others, cooking a meal slightly healthier than the recipe calls for while still maintaining and increasing the wow factor of the flavor, seeing an object and figuring out how to make it myself with out a pattern or instructions all the while trying to improve on the original.
I've always loved making paper collages since I found out about them in kindergarten. For the last seven years I've been falling more and more in love with handmade papers from India, Thailand, Japan and Italy. I use these papers in many of th pieces that I produce.
In my products you can expect very unique pieces, excellent craft through to the last details, and a timely positive experience.
Everything in my etsy shop is hand-printed, hand-cut, hand-carved, hand packaged, truly handmade by me (kelly) at box64studios. I make because it is something that the Lord gave me to enjoy and to be good at the work of my hands. I use it to bring him glory while making a little extra for our family as I stay at home with our two boys (3 and 1). I'm so thankful to have an etsy shop. I love what I do."
bio written by Kelly via her etsy profile