Monday, January 31, 2011

filo fashion

"My business life finished some time ago, now I've started on my hobbies. Now a days, I'm painting and knitting. I love music. Sometimes I sing a song which I like. I wish all eyes, which are on you, are affected by the magic of colors and the feel of soft cloth as it touches you warmly. Welcome to filofashion store . Lovely. Take care of yourself."
bio written by filofashion;
edited by me

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doloris Petunia

Custom Bridesmaids Cuffs
"In less then a years time Doloris Petunia has gone from selling handmade pieces on the streets of NYC to being featured in all of the top fashion magazines, worn on the red carpet of the Emmy's and sold in retail stores on every continent (excluding Antarctica).
Thank you so much for your hearts and support and always remember to wear with love!
I am a 30-year-old girl who recently moved from the city that I loved (New York City) to Santa Monica for true love and marriage and as a result had to come up with a new "job" rather quickly.
Combining my greatest talents- trend analysis and general craftiness- in the Spring of 2009, I started making what I could not find in the stores (or afford when I could) and posting it on Etsy as a grand experiment.
In a few months full of much luck and determination, Doloris Petunia turned from a foggy dream into a full time job, LLC and what I do with 89% of my time ( I am always looking for interns in the Santa Monica area btw).
I am not actually named Doloris Petunia- but I do appreciate the 10 people a day who call me that and scratch their heads at what my parents were thinking when they named me : )
My name is actually Courtney Prince. Doloris Petunia is the name I have always said I would call my dog- Lolita - when she was a little old lady. She is now 9 years old and she is still every bit a sassy little "Lolita" .
My designs on the other hand are meant to be a blend of all that is lovely, old school and whimsical and to me that sounds like Doloris Petunia.
My designs are all one of a kind- 1000% made by me in not so sunny Santa Monica, California. I love creating beautiful treasures for my clients- and take my job more seriously then my dog (who is just in it for the belly rubs) would like.... Lolita (the dog and real Doloris Petunia)'s official job duties seem to be along the lines of napping on my feet while I work.

Sure... for the most part I can change any of the designs that I have listed in anyway that tickles your fancy... just ask. For the most part the majority of my work is custom- so your the boss as far as that goes.
Most of the postings I have up now are custom orders (Due to just getting married I have not had time to create many pieces just for my shop). Please note that if I piece is reserved that image its self is not for sale at this time- but that I am happy to make a custom piece for you that you will love as much as the image in the photo.
Please also note that all of my pieces are handmade and one of a kind and take time to create. It is never to early to reserve a spot in my custom queue for a future event such as your wedding. Due to high order volume the custom queue is about a month out at this time. I always tend to try to squeeze people in- but due to the high volume of orders I am becoming more and more strict about lead times."
bio written by DolorisPetunia via her etsy profile

Saturday, January 29, 2011

toys by toddles

Edward, a vintage tie teddy
"I first fell in love with teddy bears at age seven, when Santa left me Bearfoot as a bonus gift.
From then on, I collected everything bear-related. I had mugs, cookie jars, posters and, of course, more stuffed bears. Then on my 13th birthday, my mom took me to lunch and handed me a skinny box with a big bow. Inside was Albert, a floppy bear with crooked eyes and a white turtleneck sweater.
"He's your last one," she said.
I was happy and crushed - until I learned how to make bears. Then no one could say how many I could have. Making and selling them became my after-school job. (They paid for my first typewriter.)
Twenty-five years later, I’ve let more animals into my heart. But, I’m still using the same antique Singer sewing machine with the knee-pedal that my mom gave me. We continue to collaborate on fashions for some of my charges who look their best when they’re dressed instead of au natural."
bio written by Penelope via her etsy profile

JD Wolfe Pottery

2 miniature nesting heart dishes
"I've been a potter for almost 20 years now, and knew the minute I tried it for the first time, that it is what I wanted to do with my life.
I worked as a production potter for a large company for a year after college, and then opened my own studio/gallery near Madison, WI and operated that for almost 15 years until I started my family.
I now sell my work primarily online and love sharing my work with everyone around the world."
bio written by JDWolfePottery via the etsy profile.

Egypt-Mark 1539

Egypt-Mark 1539
Originally uploaded by markamcfarlane

Thursday, January 27, 2011

658 Greene Street

I've got your back
"Women's green clothing design firm specializing in vintage for today's gal! Upcycling, redesigning and original creations sourced from vintage materials.
Using street chic and runway looks for inspiration!"
mini-bio written by 658GreeneStreet via the etsy profile

skippy designs

Always be True
"Mandy's artistic passion is creating beautiful art & timeless imagery.
Her background in photography, graphic design, canvas & faux finishing give her a special ability to make her vision come to life.
She naturally incorporates her love of color and vintage style into each scene she captures.
My work is simply an expression of
my heart, inspired by my children and simple life experiences.'"
bio written by Mandy Lynne via her etsy profile

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Visitor

Winter Visitor
Originally uploaded by Fergus116

decoy lab

"Maiko Kuzunishi is a freelance graphic designer/illustrator in Kansas City, Missouri. Also a mom of 2 year old daughter Leela -- Maiko loves to create original designed goods whenever she finds time."
bio via the etsy profile

Monday, January 24, 2011

François Locher

Tightrope walk "MORNING TOILET" - Necklace
"I am actually an Architect and Product Designer from Berlin. I have always loved to use my hands creatively in other ways as well and so I have found my new passion in jewelry making.
For my designs, I love to come up with new unconventional materials and objects, and make them look unique and elegant. My creations are very limited in production to keep each piece precious and hard to find anywhere else."
bio written by Francois via his etsy profile

amanda atkins

And with unspoken ease I was your pet - tattooed lady print
"Amanda Laurel Atkins is a young artist and writer residing in the Boston area. Her greatest loves include animals, her family and friends, trees, walks to strange and secret places, notebooks, good books, and, of course, painting and writing."
bio via the etsy profile

Sunday, January 23, 2011


golden beaded ovals
"When I´m creating my jewelry, working with these very small, diminutive glass seed beads, and I look out of my window, l can see the danube flowing past. I love this contemplative atmosphere.
Being creative always has been essential to me!
Being creative does not mean alone to produce something, for me it also has to do with detecting solutions. And to get experienced with the world wide web, really was a challenge for me! (great to be a mother of two grown up children, who supported me in many ways!)"
bio written by Viktoria via the etsy profile

Friday, January 21, 2011

nouveau motley

The Adelle Necklace I - Upcylced Circa 1890s Hand Carved Art Nouveau Coral Cameo in High Relief with Genuine Pearls - Symbols of Love Purity and Protection - Altered Heirlooms by Nouveau Motley
"Nouveau Motley is a one (wo)man show that consists of me; Rachael Victoria Adams formally of Sonoma County, California. Endlessly tinkering in a drafty old barn (now a crooked Florida bungalow) and occasionally venturing outside to take photographs, play in the dirt, acquire more art supplies, and gain inspiration, I have a passion for the past and love the present.
I have formal education in photography, painting, sculpture, metalsmithing, anthropology, and art history (I was a perpetual student with many interests). Arts and crafts have always been a passion and I am constantly learning and utilizing new techniques and areas of the field.
I like creating art and collecting/reselling antique and vintage items that have a function. If you can use or wear it, its not clutter. At least thats what I tell myself."
bio written by Rachael via her etsy profile

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2011

January 2011
Originally uploaded by ayeletbeads
Handmade Polymer clay beads, necklace and bracelet set.
one of a kind, made in New Zealand.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feira Latinoamericana - POA 2010

Thread Rare

Ruby Red and Plum Ruffle Capelet
"I'm a Midwestern girl with a degree in Textile and Apparel design. In other words, I know my way around a sewing machine! I'm a good baker, a bad cook, a lucky man's wife, and a mother to a small blond boy. I'm a dog person (I have 2!), but not a morning person."
bio written by ThreadRare via her etsy profile.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Tea dress in vintage lace
"Tell us a bit about yourself name, location, affiliations, personal stuff.
My name is Louise Hedley, I live downtown Manhattan with my husband and son, a cairn terrier and a goldfish named Mac...

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I am a mother and I love to cook, I love my home, my neighborhood, and the farmers market. We spend most weekends in nature, hiking, birding, discovering. It's precious family time.

What first made you want to become an artist?
I studied dance at university and enjoyed it professionally, I arrived in NYC in 1996, I fell in love with the city and was soon searching for another way to survive, my husband (whom I married later) knew of my love for vintage clothing. He suggested I try making my own, 11 years on and it has been an extremely satisfying learning process, I'm very happy with my work as it is today.

Please describe your creative process how, when, materials, etc.
I have been collecting vintage fabric since the early 1990s, it began with old silk curtains that I turned into skirts, soon enough tablecloths, bed linens, whatever I could find. Being self taught, I don't have a set way, sometimes I approach a design beginning with the fabric, sometimes I have a design in mind. I tend to develop whatever patterns I am working with, simple tweaks here and there and a new design emerges... I also quilt, when I want to slow down, it's extraordinary when you start out with nothing and then with a little time and perseverance it turns out to be something immensely gratifying.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
My family album and our nature table, a collection of found treasure from our nature trips.

What advice would you give to artists who are new to Etsy?
Concentrate on what you are doing not what everyone else is doing ...

What are your favorite features on Etsy? What new features would you like to see?
There are so many great features, I guess the growing size of the community is the most awesome... can’t think of any improvement :)

How do you promote your work?
I don't , since joining Etsy I have had no need to. I keep the shop updated and etsy brings people thru the door. It’s great being featured on blogs but I don't go looking for it. Once the customer has bought something I usually see return buyers so that’s really very cool...

In ten years I'd like to be...
together with those I love and for us all to be in good health."
interview via etsy's featured seller

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Janish Jewels

Rose Cut Amethyst Ring - 18k Gold and Sterling
"I have always had a passion for jewelry. In 2002 I began studying at the Jewelry Arts Institute (formerly Kulicke-Stark) in New York City which specializes in ancient goldsmithing techniques, granulation, enamel and chain-making.
Prior to becoming a jeweler I began my career as a graphic designer. I am a graduate of School of Visual Arts in NYC. I subsequently began my own publishing company creating illustrated maps for the hotel and airline industry. I am also a web designer/developer and paint portraits and murals."
bio written by JanishJewels via the etsy profile

Creations By Angel

White Hot Love Quilted Valentine's Day Ornament
"I have been a creative and artistic person since I can remember. As a young girl I loved drawing and sketching and always seemed to have a crayon or colored pencil in my hand. Over the years my interests in creating have changed and diversified. I have gone from drawing, to stamping and paper crafting, to cross-stitching and knitting, and after college I began really focusing on working with fabric and making quilts. Needless to say it has been a match made in heaven ever since. Crafting and creating has always been very relaxing and was my outlet from my very demanding corporate sales career. After many years in the same industry I found myself successful but unhappy because I wasn't really following my dreams and passion. Now, thanks to a very supportive family and a great group of friends I have been able to finally follow my dreams and do what I really love."
bio written by Angel via her etsy profile

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Carolina Hand Dyed Ombre Skirt
"Hi!! I'm Monique. I create clothes for girls who want something fun and completely original. I select exclusive fabrics and trims with quality and individuality in mind. If you're looking for that special piece for a certain special event(or maybe you're super chic and can pull off looking ultra hip everyday) then you've stumbled on the perfect spot..."
bio written by Monique via her etsy profile

shwedagon in the mist

shwedagon in the mist
Originally uploaded by flappingwings
Just after six o'clock in the morning. The Shwedagon pagoda was still glowing in the mist.

Shwedagon is one of the most sacred sites for the Burmese Buddhists.

A brief history of the pagoda, from Wikipedia:

Legend has it that the Shwedagon Paya is 2500 years old. Archeologists believe the stupa was actually built sometime between the 6th and 10th centuries by the Mon. The story of Shwedagon Paya begins with two merchant brothers meeting the Lord Gawdama Buddha and receiving eight of the Buddha's hairs to be enshirned in Burma. The two brothers made their way to Burma and with the help of the local king found Singuttara Hill where other Buddha relics had been enshrined. When the hairs were taken from their golden casket to be enshrined some incredible things happened:

There was a tumult among men and spirits ... rays emitted by the Hairs penetrated up to the heavans above and down to hell ... the blind beheld objects ... the deaf heard sounds ... the dumb spoke distinctly ... the earth quaked ... the winds of the ocean blew ... Mount Meru shook ... lightning flashed ... gems rained down until they were knee deep ... all trees of the Himalayas, though not in season, bore blossoms and fruit.

The stupa fell into disrepair until the 14th century when King Binnya U of Bago had the stupa rebuilt to a height of 18 meters. The stupa was rebuilt several times and reached it's current height of 98 meters in the 15th century. A series of earthquakes during the next centuries caused damage. The worst damage came from a 1768 earthquake that brought down the top of the stupa.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Diploid Snowflake

Diploid Snowflake
Originally uploaded by Sea Moon

mary everett

Red/ White Squared Porcelain Teapot

heidi burton

The Sea Maiden
"I'm Heidi, a British-Finnish illustrator born three weeks before the 1980s and residing in London since 2010. I graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration in 2007.
Found items, old Penguin book covers, journals, forensics, tumbledown houses, chai tea, Haruki Murakami, documentary, maps, fossils, lederhosen chic, David Attenborough, train journeys, Volcano Choir, folklore.
Evil cats, mint chocolate, burglars, creatures squatting in the attic, things that reduce in size while increasing in price, heights, Comic Sans, pigeons, not having access to tea.
I love altering journals! One of my personal journals was exhibited by Moleskine in London & Tokyo, & my series of Brother's Grimm inspired journals were exhibited at the Colouring Outside The Lines exhibition in Bradford.
I am pleased to divulge that one of my illustrations recently won an award at the fantastic WCA (Working Class Awards)!"
bio written by heidi via her etsy profile

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jessica Grundy

If you love them, Set them free...
"i like to dust and vacuum on sundays. i like to buy flowers on my day off. I sometimes paint portraits of my cats, and entertain the idea of various still-lifes. i used to think that if you rode in a hot air balloon you could catch clouds in a jar, but you can't. i think that the older i get the more beautiful life becomes."
bio written by Jessica via her etsy profile

Capita lCity Art

Frozen in Time
"Steve Price is a gifted engineer, mechanic, and carpenter. Steve is also very creative. Steve loves learning. He is the kind of guy who can pick up a book and teach himself how to do just about anything that he puts his mind to. And that is precisely what he has done with Capital City Art.
I am an aspiring artist. I have always enjoyed other people's art, but now I am giving it a try for myself...(though I have been an enthusiastic photographer for quite a few years now.) But I am gaining new skills every day from drawing to sewing to pouring ceramic molds...and soon we hope to add woodworking and soap making to our list.
Steve and I have a wide range of interests which we hope to reflect in our art. Steve is a guy with innovation and creativity. And with Capital City Art our goal is to bring you a whole new dynamic assortment of art.
By Naomi"
profile via the etsy profile

Friday, January 7, 2011

after shower shop

Waft ... Green Cocktail Dress
"Welcome to aftershowershop. We are a family team. My mum takes care of sewing and dyeing process, my brother helps with the dyeing production, my friend ,On, is in charge of designing, sewing, modelling and shipping while I do the rest (photographing and managing the shop)"
bio via the etsy profile

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Colorstory ~ Nature's Elements


Dry flowers From My Garden Cabochon Necklace with Glass Pearls
"Despite of different jobs,my hobby followed me since my young ages up to now. I have been always happy to learn and practice all kinds of handmade arts and always been told that my designs were original and very stylish. some of them are:knitting,crochet,needlework,needlepoint,wood painting,one stroke,flower decorating,sewing, glaas painting, handmade jewellery, wire,etc.
I started my own line on jewellery with bali style and modern jewellery and specialised in authentique anatolian jewellery.
In other words I am bringing the old etnique traditions to our modern life.
I want to thank my two sons who are helping me in my business:)
All the products you see there are designed with love .I am trying very hard to intoduce oya culture ,since ottomans, to my buyers.Also I am designing traditional handmade textile necklaces and bracelets from old Anatolia .
You can find supplies about it in my supply shop.
In my designs I like to use exotic colored beads, crystal, hand stitched flowers, ceramic and glass beads, l eaves, old time money, leather, knitting pieces and combine them with modern materials.
Every piece is unique and each jewellery has its own story in Anatolia which makes sense to me."
bio written by kirevi8 via her etsy profile

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hana letters

Girl wearing earmuffs felt pin
"Hi. I'm Alina and Hana is my little world.
I often send really long letters to my imagination and as you can see these are the replies. I'd like to spread my love for felt and colours to just anyone."
mini bio written by Alina via her etsy profile

Monday, January 3, 2011


"♥ My real name is Schin Loong but I have also been painting under the artist name Luciole Loong from 1998 to 2007. Therefore some of my art bear the signature Luc or Luciole. Some may recognize my art from, the art portfolio site where I first developed my work.
♥ I have three black moor goldfishes named Moon, Star and Scrimshaw. They're making a plan to escape, I know it.
♥ I also have a grey kitty named Rice Purridge, and SHE'S making an even more elaborate plan to get at the goldfishes. I know this too.
♥ One of my favorite things are lava lamps. Actually, most of my creative powers come from the magical lava lamp blobs. Shh.. don't tell anyone.
BIO: My name is Schin Loong and I have been painting professionally since I was 17. My fantasy artwork has been featured on the front cover of The Peppertree Magazine and ImagineFX: Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art as well as the Society of Illustrators and Exotique 5 & 6: The World's Most Beautiful CG Characters, Popcorn: One The Cutting Edge of Comics Art, Darkstalkers Artbook, Digital Arts and Digital Artists Magazine.
I started painting my Barbie dolls as a young child. I thought it was pretty neat and decided that's what I want to do forever, and I never looked back. I use a combination of watercolors, pastels and digital media to create my artwork. Each painting takes me anywhere from one day ('The Red Geisha') to two weeks ('The Ascension') to complete.
The objective of my painting is so I could offer something beautiful to the world. I wanted to paint the most inspiring, gentle, lovely scenes for people to ponder at and hopefully make their day a little more beautiful. I have a wide variety of subjects in my work because as I grow up, my aesthetic for beauty has changed. In this shop, you can see both my new and old art styles and see how I have evolved as an artist.
Inspiration is everywhere, it’s just a matter of recognizing it. Music, colors, texture, facial expressions; all kinds of beautiful things are inspirational. However, I think I have grown to love feminine aesthetics most of all. Anything that is soft, gentle and curvy is really stimulating for me and I love to paint the beauty that is woman."
bio written by schin via her etsy profile

Saturday, January 1, 2011

metal and mud

Become Who You Are - Large Ceramic Pendant
"Hi, I'm Sara! I was born in New Jersey, but moved to Memphis, TN when I was a freshman in high school. Moved around a bit after college, but always seem to end up back here!
I started working with ceramics after moving back to Memphis from Colorado in 2002. My mom was teaching a class, and I thought it might be a fun new medium to try. I'd always been crafty, dabbling in sewing, knitting, cross-stitch, etc., but had never found anything I was truly passionate about. Right from the start, I fell in love with ceramics. I love getting my hands dirty and feeling connected to the medium in a way I never have before.
I think my favorite thing about ceramics is the versatility. My shop features pieces that are 100% handmade, as well as pre-made pieces I have altered. Each gives me a different kind of satisfaction. There's the thrill of discovering a uniquely shaped plate or pitcher, and imagining what decal or paint details I can add to it to make it even more beautiful. And with handmade pieces, I love taking the piece out of the mold and seeing the blank canvas I can then carve or paint however my little heart desires.
I try to create pieces that are beautiful, unique and meaningful. I feel that words are powerful, so I tend to include them in most of my work. I hope the Etsy shoppers find them as inspirational as I do!"
bio written by Sara via her etsy profile.

naomi o'rana

2011 Pretty Floral Lady Diary in red
"Designing and creating is my passion, I strive for original and thoughtful pieces.
On a more personal note, I was raised and received my Arts degree in Sydney & now live a quiet life in Tasmania (a beautiful island South of Australia) with my supportive husband and three little monkeys...oops, I mean much adored children!"
bio written by naomiorana via her etsy profile