Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ballerina Pink Bow Belt
"My name is Katie & I make moccasins among other things.
After growing tired of the a handful of drab moccasin choices on the market I set off to create stylish, fun and functional moccasins I wanted to wear. With my accumulated crafting, sewing and design knowledge I created Darlingtonia Moccasin Company & the moccasins you see here.
I make each pair of Darlingtonia Moccasins entirely by hand, leather is cut, holes are punched, and physical effort is exerted while using a completely manual antique Singer 29k sewing machine equipped with a foot treadle (but most of the time I just use the hand crank). After cutting, sewing, adhering, and lacing the fun begins as embellishments are added.
Darlingtonia Moccasin Company is named after: Darlingtonia Californica - also called the California Pitcher plant, Cobra Lily, or Cobra Plant, is a carnivorous plant, the sole member of the genus Darlingtonia in the family Sarraceniaceae. (thanks Wikipedia)
I am a photographer by trade, I earned a BFA in fine art photography from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I specialized in large format photography, wet-plate collodion (glass plate negatives & tintypes) & other antique photographic processes.
When I am not making moccasins I can be found blogging, tweeting, knitting, sewing garments, printmaking, sketching & on occasion standing behind my behemoth 8x10 camera."
bio written by Katie via her etsy profile

Tiger Lily Moccasin Navy and Stone

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Red Flower Pop Up Greeting Card
"Crankbunny is an animation director by day and paper puppet magic rabbit fish at night. This shop sells all sorts of different paper puppets, greeting pop up cards, and other paper novelties designed and handmade by the artist Crankbunny. All the goodies in this shop are created, cut, and produced by one set of hands and printed in the United States of America."
bio written by crankbunny via the etsy profile

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

little pink house

Little City Hoop--Tiniest Garden
"I am a poet, fiber artist, and stay-at-home mom. Last year, I gave up a full-time, tenure track position teaching writing and literature at a public university in the middle of Maine's North Woods and moved to a lovely little city on the ocean. Lately I'm spending my days with needle and thread, wondering when I will wake up from this good, good dream."
bio written by Little Pink House via etsy profile

Monday, July 26, 2010

sation and birch

Lost in Atlantis Soap
"I love things that are beautiful, European, luxurious, and smell wonderful.
What you need to know about me...
I am completely dedicated to this Shop.
I did a lot of research and testing before I opened it.
I probably relate better to animals than humans.
I think Friendships are extremely important.
I will retire taking care of homeless and sick animals.
I don't have any animals now.
I love nature so much that people think I am weird.
My son is the most important person in my life.
I work really hard and love it.
I take the bus so as not to contribute to pollution.
My parents were very very talented Musicians.
I love Reno because of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
I have lots of family here in Reno who I consider not only family but my best friends.
As I continue to browse on Etsy I am overwhelmed by the talent I see. So much beauty in one place.
I consider my soap more of a gift. A very usable gift.
They always will come gift wrapped and are the perfect way to say Thank You to a Neighbor or Friend, Mom's for sure.
You can be sure that my soap is completely free of harmful ingredients.
• 100% Pure Soap
• 20% Kosher Glycerin Added
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Non-Comedogenic
• No Animal Testing
• No Detergents
• No Sulfates
• No Surfactants
• No Alcohol
• No Sugar solutions"
bio written by Leslie via her etsy profile

Saturday, July 24, 2010

kira yustak

"Kira Yustak is a NYC artist with a style best descibed as a sort of comic realism that she has developed over the years. Her work has been exhibited throughout New York City and the United States. She paints various themes ranging from people, landscapes, flora and fauna. Most of her work is based on the theme of humans and their relationship with nature."
bio written by Kira via her etsy profile

My Selvaged Life

So Many Greens
"I admit - I'm a "dabbler" - I try my hand at anything! My problem though, is that I can't just get "a little bit in to" something - I must let each new craft adventure or hobby consume me and, ultimately, (as my husband will attest) I spend WAY WAY WAY too much money on supplies! So here I am, sitting on a small fortune in semiprecious beads, sterling silver findings, paper scrapbooking paraphenalia, digital design elements, fabric, felt, flower petals, embroidery floss, paints, chalks, stamps, acorn caps....... you get the picture. While I have in the past actually sold several pieces of jewelry in 3 different boutiques, most of my various creations end up as gifts to my friends and family, whom consistently ask me, "Why don't you sell this stuff??" Well, here I am. And what a great place to be, because with Etsy, I can display all of my creations; borne from my past, present and future creative obsessions!
So, please feel free to peruse and if you contemplate making a purchase, please remember that you will be helping me significantly to convince my husband that all the money I've spent may not have all been in vain!!"
bio written by MySelvagedLife via her etsy profile

love lui

Annabelle Murphy on the farm - mini pillow
"love lui was born out of an absolute desire to constantly create. After filling stacks of journals with ideas, scribbles and imaginary - love lui became the virtual representation of those pages... and so this is Luisa Marie Montclaire my friends call me lui, except my Ma she calls me Luisaaaaa."
bio written by Luisa via her etsy profile

Friday, July 23, 2010

marigold jen

Swimming Hole--hand dyed worsted weight yarn
"Sewing is my true passion, but after learning how to dye a couple of
years ago, I've been hooked on the endless variations of color that
swirl about in my dyepot. By day, I assist in a Montessori toddler
classroom, but at night, I craft (or cuddle with my three cats and a
good book). My other hobby, gardening, helps me to imagine soft
nature-inspired colorways, and of course the children that I work with
lend inspiration as well!
My favorite fiber to dye is merino because it's a versatile
extra-snuggly fiber. Non-superwash merino felts beautifully, and
superwash merino is perfect for knitting projects which will be washed
frequently (it's especially nice for babies)."
bio written by Jenny via her etsy profile

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sprite (Lampwork bead set)
"During my first lampworking course I knew that I had finally found the passion that I had been seeking for quite awhile.
A bit about my background:
After earning a fine arts degree, I worked as a professional visual artist (focused primarily on artist books and site specific installation work), an art gallery director, and as a set and puppet designer.
From this, I sidestepped into the world of corporate design and communications. I have been doing this for approximately 200 years now (okay, okay, maybe it only *feels* like that ).
Unless specified, my beads are made on 1/16 inch mandrels. All the beads for sale have been handmade by myself in my studio.
I live in Nova Scotia, which is very close to being an island (but you did NOT hear that from me ;-) ) on the east coast of Canada."
bio written by Kim via her etsy profile

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ceder pocket

A Sunny Yellow Soap Dish with a Squirrel and an Acorn
"Years ago my husband and I were on our way to Park City, Utah to do an art show. After many hours of driving through the hot desert we made our way through a beautiful rock canyon that opened onto a small valley. There was a lazy river flowing down the middle of a lush meadow edged by grove of willows. Referring to my map, I found the valley was called Cedar Pocket.
That oasis has become a metaphor for the happy and peaceful state of mind I have when I work with my hands creating objects that, hopefully, invoke a wave of happiness in you too.
I was given a set of oil paints when I was five. My favorite thing in the world was a new box of crayons - it still ranks right up there. Over the years I have tried many mediums. I am a stock, portrait, and fine art photographer, I have been a working artist creating a line of character gourds for almost twenty years, I enjoy plein air oil painting, and now for the past few years I am a clay fanatic. I can't stay away. I love it.
All the pieces in my shop here are made entirely by me. I find inspiration everywhere I look but typically I am inspired by the natural world around me. I am an avid organic gardener, growing most of our fruit and vegetables. I feed the birds and have kept a "life list" of birds I've identified for about 25 years. Attracting birds to the garden has multiple beneficial effects. They're wonderful and relaxing to watch and as they take up residency they help control the insect population and eliminate the need for pesticides."
bio written by Melissa Brown via her etsy profile

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Wooden Tasting Spoon, Cherry, Hand Carved
"Every time I (Rich) made something for a birthday, wedding, holiday or anniversary gift, I was asked why don’t you do this as a business. After searching different venues, I ran across I liked that this website was catered to all handmade items. So, this is where I decided to start.
I (Rich) have been woodworking as a hobby for around 15 years now. I am married, have 4 daughters and 1 grand-daughter. The other half is a good friend of mine (Kenny) and now apprentice, his girlfriend and her 4 daughters. This is how we came up with our name (Out Numbered Novelties).
At present we do not have a workshop to work in (someday hope to remedy that), so all of our tools have to be taken outside and when finished brought back in.
You will see both works from Kenny and myself, as well as pieces that we have worked on together."
Bio written by Rich via his etsy profile

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

matte stephens

Admiral Seymour Doughtridge was a stern man but always had a soft spot for sea lions.
"Im a 34 year old artist that lives in Portland Oregon. .I love modern design and im inspired by anything Charles and Ray Eames ,Alexander Girard, George Nelson/Irving Harper and artists like Ben Shahn and Paul Klee.
I have done shows all over the place you can find original work on a regular basis at Jonathan Adler and Velocity Art and Design and sometimes here in my shop.
I have shown work at these great places: Office PDX, Together Gallery, Cheeky B, Nahcotta,Bear and Bird Gallery,Alphabets,Renegade Craft Fair shop,Velocity Art and Design, Reform School, Rare Device, Super 7"
bio written by matte via etsy profile

Cart Before The Horse

Daisy May and Wheelie Bird -- Contemporary Folk Art Doll
"We are Dylan & Jo.We're a mom-and-dad business, a two-person company of artists. We make the kind of art we like, then we open our doors to you. All of our creations are made one at a time.We make them with our own hands, since these are the only hands we have. We call ourselves Cart Before The Horse because we're always getting ahead of ourselves."
bio written by Dylan & Jo via their etsy profile

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"White Gourd Bowls, set of 3"
"Every piece in my collection is handmade with care, starting with the mixing of the porcelain slip. The porcelain is my own formula which I have tinkered with over the years. It is a high fire slip, which means that the pieces are extremely durable while remaining thin and light.
Because I finish each edge by hand, every piece develops a unique personality as it moves through the firings. Bowls that come out of the same mold will shift slightly in the high fire to create unique, one of a kind shapes. They stack inside one another, but not perfectly.
I also mix my own glazes, each is non-toxic and food safe. I reclaim all my materials, to avoid clay particles contaminating our drinking water.
My pieces are dishwasher safe, but the ones with images should not go into the microwave. The image is applied after the glaze firing, and the piece is fired one more time. The image melts into the glaze, creating a food-safe surface.
Please visit for my complete line of tableware."
bio written by gleena via the etsy profile

Monday, July 5, 2010

sarah john afana

"there she goes" original acrylic painting
"I am a working artist living just outside Paso Robles, California. I have spent my life studying and pursuing many ways of creating. I have found that creating is something that I am JUST drawn to do. I work in many forms of media from painting and photography to knitting. I may work in a series or just feel the need to explore a subject for curiosity.
My images are expressive and colorful. I use top quality artists materials in all my creations. Acid-free papers or fine stretched canvases are always used as platforms for my paintings and drawings. is my other shop found on Etsy; it is where you can find my hand knits and other seasonal fine crafts. If you are in the area, much of my work can be seen at The Art Works in Paso Robles. In addition a selection of my original paintings and prints are available at ALTAMIRA Gallery, New York."
bio written by Sarah via her etsy profile

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Secret Hermit Art and Illustration

"Yellow Boat"
"Hello, I am Micki Wilde, otherwise known as "The Secret Hermit". When i'm not busy blogging, or being Mum to my 2 adorable children and wife to my wonderfully supportive husband. I am happily painting at my art table in my little house, making mixed media, whimsical creations. I invite you to come over to my blog and read all about me and my art, so make some coffee, pull up a chair and enjoy yourself :)"
bio written by Micki via her etsy profile


Friday, July 2, 2010


"Curious Bunny - OOAK Art Doll"
"A bestiary is, above all, a collection. And this humble servant worked among collections (and series and subseries) for eight years, at the Buenos Aires Historical Archives. Collections (and archival terminology) are somehow familiar to me. Each of those little beings is a bit of a beast. Be they quasi-animal or completely human. Something about them disturbs me -and touches me, at the same time. Bestiary is the title of my favourite story by Julio Cortázar, my favourite writer. I myself am a sweet beast."
bio written by Flor Panichelli via her etsy profile