Friday, January 29, 2010

friday night update

Hello! It's Friday night, and I want to show you what I've been working on this past week:
I made three more stuffies for my friend's baby store. I am really happy with how these turned out. My favorite one is in the middle. It's made from upcycled fabrics (sweat pants and pajama pants).

I made this gorgeous bracelet with these wonderful plum colored glass pearls that I bought from CharmingWren via etsy. I just love the color of them & I hope someone will purchase the bracelet.

I was able to finish off this kawaii fawn dress, for Blythe, this week, too. It's made of these wonderful Valentine colored fabrics. I just love the long sleeves and the baby pom pom trim, which was hand sewn on.

I have a whole list of projects that I have to get done. I can't imagine that I'll be able to get all of them done this weekend, but I can always strive for it, right? I hope this creative kick, I've found, lasts till it's finished!
What did you create this week??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jersey and Cap for Taeyang

I had a custom order for Taeyang clothes recently and I wanted to show off a part of it. Here is a photo of a jersey and cap that I made, and the referance photos that I was to go by. I was so happy with how each of them turned out! Made from real jersey fabric and felt.

Friday, January 22, 2010

multi tasking

I am a great multi taker. Like today, for instance, I am sewing doll tshirts, doing up pages for my two theme-a-day journal swaps, catching up on emails, playing Farmville, and uploading photos while trying to keep my husband from freaking out while fixing his nephew's car. soon I have to do some dishes and get supper started, while watching Seinfeld dvds... Yup, somedays I have alot going on and somedays I am so blah and bored, I don't feel like doing a thing...
Anyways, I wanted to share some new etsy finds that I am excited about (and honestly I did NOT plan on the items coordinating, like they do):

1. Chester - The Love Monster by: dkoss2
2. Blossoming Deep Orange and Rust Lily Earrings by: beadediris
3. Red White Black Striped Short Bloomers by: sequoiaclothing
4. Stunning Genuine Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 10MM X 6MM Faceted Ovals---Partial Strand by: aaarealgem
5. BOHEMIAN DREAM 60s Malcolm Starr Hippie Coat, s-m by: luckyvintageseattle
6. Tentacle mermaid plush doll, 11 inches tall by: SilentOrchidStudio
7. Sea Foam Fused Glass Studs by baydesign
8. Valentine Heart Garland by: HoneyPieDesign
9. Patchouli eco friendly vegan natural laundry detergent handmade by MayleesGarden
10. Kinies Scarf in CHARCOAL GRAY with Removable HOOD by Kinies
11. Seahorse Applique by CustomizeIt
12. 1/2 Strand Glowing Carnelian Bicones by TuulaGems

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weekend at Rachel's

Spent this past weekend at my BF's place in Tatamagouche. We spent the weekend catching up, baking, taking photos of dolls in the snow (getting frostbite on my fingers in the process), playing on her Wii, etc, etc. It was good to get away and spend time with her...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Trades with Pipercat99 & Saltybean

Pipercat99 on flickr so made my day today! she agreed to trade her white Chu chu Nikki cat for my Monomono Dal. I've been searching for a Nikki cat for a while now and am so happy to be able to trade for one!!
Also, I set up a swap with saltybean. We are going to trade stuffies! I can't wait to display one of her funky mermaids in my art studio!!
My grandmother came through her triple bypass surgury a-okay yesturday!

I made these three stuffies within the past week for a friend, who owns a baby store, The Nesting Company. Hopefully someone will fall in love with one and will buy it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mermaids and Labels

Yesturday, I reworked this charm bracelet that I had for sale on etsy. It wasn't getting too many hits and it looked kind of "blah" to me. I added these wonderful altered dominoes, made by jan54wil, and some blues shells and a couple other little do-dads and trinkets.
Look at my new labels that arrived from purplehug! This is my third order of labels from her & I think that these are my favorite. I love that they can either be sewn on or ironed on.

I picked up this book from the library today, "The Soldier King" by Violette Malan. HERE's what Amazon says about it. I should be reading more than I do...